Once we are discharged from the hospital, we usually take it as a sign that everything is all ok and we can get back to our daily routine. But that is usually not the case in many illnesses, especially after a cataract surgery.

Our eyes are one of the most delicate and important organs in our body. It is very important to take care of them even after the treatment is done to have a full and complete recovery. There is always the chance of infections, inflammations and irritations that might be caused because of environmental issues.

The good news for somebody who has recently had a cataract surgery is that due to modern procedures the post treatment recovery period is quite short. But that does not mean any slacking in the care for the eyes.

There are certain things that must be kept in mind during the recovery period like:

  1. Prevent Strain on The Eyes.

Now after the cataract surgery, you are usually given a protective guard for the eyes. This is done to prevent your eyes from suffering any unnecessary strain and protect them from contaminants. This is your fist line of defense but there are other things that should be taken care of.

It goes without saying that you must not watch any television or use your mobiles for the first few days. This might seem quite hard but it is a necessary precaution. If you have to urgently use the phone it is better for somebody else to do it on your behalf with you telling them what to do.

  1. Taking A Shower and Avoiding Swimming.

Water is a bountiful source of contaminants and its temperature can have drastic effects on your eyes after the cataract surgery if not taken care of. This is something that should be asked beforehand to the doctor in charge. In case you need to take precautions like an anti-bacterial bath or something, it is better to pay heed to them.

For the same reasons, swimming receives big no! Swimming pools personal or public might have irritants and contaminants. So even if you are an avid swimmer, it is better to cool off, with a different way.

  1. No Cosmetics or Face Care Products.

This is a regularly asked question and it is important for the patients to know that they must stay away from such products. Even though there might not be any history of allergies or something of that sort, there is still aa chance they might irritate your eyes. It is a much better practice to just forget about them for a week or so.

If you really want to use the face care products take the doctor’s advice on them. Let the doctor know about the ingredients in them which will help you keep your eyes safe during the recovery time.

  1. Strict No to Driving.

Feeling nauseous, blurred vision and double images are quite common after the cataract surgery. Though they are not a major concern and the effects usually disappear in a day or so. But it definitely puts a road blocker to your driving abilities.

For your safety and those around you, it is important that you do not personally drive back home. It is much safer for one of your kin to take you home or to take a cab back to home. This will really prove helpful to the random bystander and keep you both out of any possible accidents.

And in case these symptoms persist, it is advisable to get them checked by your doctor.

  1. Careful While Moving Around.

Now you have made sure that you are not driving, but you will still be moving around and that can affect your eyes. Try to minimize all sorts of movements.
If you strain yourself while doing any of your routine work you might cause damage to the eyes. Especially while bending over, make sure to not bend with your face looking downwards. Rather keep your face looking straight and bring your entire torso down in a vertical motion while keeping your head looking straight.

Don’t try to have any jerking movements that might strain your eyes causing damage.

  1. Take the Week Off.

The best advice would be to just take the week off! In fact, you have earned this leave of absence.

Try to relax and listen to calm and soothing music at low volumes. Stick to the bed in a comfortable posture. Try to not force yourself into doing anything. And if you feel any discomfort of any sort, make sure your doctor is a phone call away.

Cataract surgery is very safe because of modern practices. With the right steps you will have a simple and fast recovery.