Although short, an animated explainer video is one of the most powerful forms of content right now. Explainer videos are so effective that they always have a place in the most prominent brands’ marketing arsenal. These companies include McDonald’s, Domino’s, Amazon, AT&T, and even Google.

Dropbox, of course, is the most talked-about case study when it comes to explainer videos. In 2009, the company uploaded an explainer video on their homepage. Once posted, Dropbox noticed a steady increase in conversion, which reached 10 percent. As a result, the file hosting service provider was able to earn around 48 million US dollars in extra revenue.

Since many now regard animated explainer videos as indispensable information-sharing and promotional tools, it’s time to consider investing in one, even if your business is still new.

What animated explainer videos can offer to startups

If you have a startup and are currently thinking of new content to add to your website and promote, a highly-regarded animation studio in Australia recommends investing in an animated explainer video due to these notable benefits:

1.     Introduce your business to people effortlessly

Whether you have a simple business concept or something truly unique and innovative, introduce your brand and what you offer in a way that people will understand them easily.

With a well-planned and produced animated explainer video, you can present what your company and product or service is all about in a clear, concise, and memorable way. More importantly, you can do all of these in less than two minutes.

With only one video, your target audience will get a good grasp of what you do and how you can help them. They can do this without needing to call you or conduct an online search.

Since the average human attention span is now pegged at eight seconds, a short video is the best tool that will allow you to explain your business concisely while still keeping viewers engaged.

2.     Build brand awareness

A video is one of the best tools that will help you establish and promote the uniqueness of your brand.

Your animated explainer video can showcase your brand personality. It will communicate your goals, values, and culture to your target audience in a vivid, memorable format.

By combining aesthetically pleasing animation with your brand personality, this content will help you build your startup identity. When done correctly, your video will create the right first impression among viewers as well.

3.     Convey your company culture

Company culture plays a huge role in attracting job seekers and retaining employees. Today, it is also one of the vital factors that consumers are looking into when dealing with a business for the first time.

With the use of animation, music, and interesting characters, your video can tell your brand’s story in a fascinating way. It can showcase your company culture, which will help viewers decide if it is worth purchasing something from you or not or, at the very least, contact you to get more details about what you’re offering.

If you are also looking for new team members, you can also add your animated explainer video as one of your recruitment tools. You can use it to attract job seekers and to give them an idea of what your business is all about.

4.     Boost your social media presence

As a startup, social media is your best partner in getting the word out about your business. Uploading and sharing your animated explainer videos on the most popular channels will help you expand your reach in the digital world.

Videos are highly effective in getting your name out there. They are also easy to share, which means that people who find them interesting can also spread the content with just one click.

This will further increase your reach not only locally but even overseas as well.

5.     Improve your website’s organic SEO

Videos now have a higher chance of increasing your visibility in search engines, including Google. Because of this, an animated explainer video can give you more opportunities to reach a more extensive audience base.

Websites can boost their organic search traffic even by merely including a video thumbnail on their homepage. Additionally, video content is now more likely to show up on the first page of search results instead of traditional text pages.

Because of these reasons, animated explainer videos should also be part of your SEO strategy.

6.     Have content that works well on mobile devices

Lastly, videos can be viewed on both desktop and mobile devices. As such, people can watch them anywhere they are.

Additionally, with videos, you won’t have to worry about the text becoming jumbled when your target audience views them using a smartphone. Because of this, viewers will understand them even if they are watching them on a handheld device.

Animated explainer videos are lighter in size and quicker to load as well. As such, viewers can download and save them easily and watch them anytime.

If you want your startup to experience all these benefits and give it the boost it needs, work with a trusted provider of video production services to create an educational, impressive, and memorable animated explainer video.