Pleasant aroma and eye-appealing hue of blooms attract us the most. It has powers to express feelings, where words often fail. But, this beauty comes with limited life.

Flowers have a tendency to lose its freshness after some period. As soon as it is plucked from the plants, it has a small time to survive. It is so natural and unavoidable. But, what if I tell you that you can increase the time limit? Yes, it is possible. It’s just that you need to pay more attention to it.

There are some tricks with which you can take care of flowers like a pro. Curious to know? Take a glance at the tips mentioned as under, and you’ll get to know it.

  1. Daily Check-Up: As we humans require regular medical check-ups, so does the flower. Ensure that you’re checking your flowers on a regular basis. This habit would help you determine the current condition of blooms.

It would help you to know whether the water-level of your flower is enough to keep them fresh or not. Moreover, changing the water of flower vase would work best for the flowers to breath in fresh air and water.

  1. Filtered Water is Better Than Normal Water: Though regular water is fine for preserving flowers in the vase, distilled water is better. It makes sense that the pure water is pure enough to feed blooms with essential nutrients in it. In this way the chances of flowers to stay alive for longer period increases.
  1. Ensure Hygiene Of Vase: Hygiene of the vase is an essential aspect that many people ignore. You can’t ignore the health of the flower if you wish for it to last for a longer period. For this purpose, first of all, you need to get a vase that goes well with your home decor and length of flowers. For better convenience, you can browse It is one of the best ceramic vases that would correctly fulfill your needs.
  1. Feed Flowers Correctly: Flower food is as essential as water for keeping it fresh for a protracted time. Either you get food sachets from the market or make on your own, ensure that you are feeding them accurately. When you properly nourish your blooms, there are fewer chances for it to lose its life quickly. Mostly bleach, sugar, and acidifier are used to feed flowers with adequate nutrients.
  1. Re-Cutting Stems = Freshness: Adopt a habit of cutting stems of flowers quite frequently. Cut, cut and re-cut to retain the freshness of flowers for long. While cutting the stem of the flowers, see to it that you are using a sharp knife or scissors to cut. Otherwise, if the stem would get smashed or pierced, then it can destroy water in the vase and prevents water absorption.

Moreover, if you find any debris floating on the water of flowers, ensure you are removing it immediately. Debris has a tendency to promote the growth of bacteria which hampers the life of flowers and can shorten it.

  1. Cold Room Temperature Is Good For Flowers: Flowers stay healthy in the serene atmosphere when you detach them from the plants. So ensure that the place where you’re displaying your flowers is quite cool to maintain freshness of your blooms.

We all know flowers can’t stay fresh for a longer period, but at least increasing the time limit can work wonders. As a result, your state of mind gets improved, spreading positivity in your dwelling. Understand and consider these tricks for maintaining freshness of your favorite blooms.