With a little luck, you will never be involved in an auto accident. But no matter how great a driver you are, it’s not possible to rely on others to keep the roads safe. And, in the eventuality that you are in a car crash, it’s essential to avoid making silly mistakes. Here are six of the most common errors made by people involved in car accidents – avoid them at all costs.

Failure to call 911

Even in the case of a minor crash, it is essential that you call 911. First of all, when the emergency services are on the way, it can defuse any tension between you and the other driver. You may have an injury, too, and it’s your adrenaline keeping you from suffering any pain. It is also critical to allow police officers to make their report, as they will include evidence that will work in your favor. Witness statements, the position of your car, damage reports – they can all give you important evidence to boost your case.

Leaving the scene

If the accident has caused any damage to a person or property, many states stipulate you cannot exit the scene. Doing so could result in a criminal charge – and it might even put you in a suspicious light. Wait in a safe place until the police arrive so that they can make their report. Don’t forget, if the accident was not your fault, their report should be great evidence on your behalf.

Getting angry

Anger is understandable after a car accident – but avoid losing your cool. No matter how highly charged you are, it is likely you will just make the situation worse. Stay calm, exchange details with the other driver, and ensure everyone gets the help they need. One other thing – never accept fault. Insurance companies will use this information against you.

Failure to collect evidence

If you can document as much as possible about the crash, it will often work in your favor. Take photos of the damage, and, if possible, collect witness statements. You should also collect license plate numbers and make a note of the weather conditions.

Represent yourself

It’s always worth arranging a consultation with a legal team in the aftermath of accidents. Personal Injury Attorney Bogdan Martinovich reveals some interesting facts about the obstacles ahead. Insurance companies, hospitals, and medical providers can all create difficult stumbling blocks regarding compensation. It is essential that you use a lawyer if you want to avoid these pitfalls – even in cases that seem clear cut.

Accepting a lowball

Never take any offer from the other party without talking to your lawyer. Insurance companies will try their luck, no matter how obvious it is that the other driver was at fault. Your lawyer will go through the fairness of the settlement and advise you on your next actions. Even if the offer seems reasonable, you might be accepting something far less than you deserve.