A long distance move can be exciting if it is planned and organized properly. There is a difference between local and long distance move because long distance move has its own unique challenges. That’s why it requires more planning as compare to the local moves. These tips will help you to make long distance smoother and easier.

Start With Move Folder

First and foremost, make a move folder containing all the details about your move. Make a checklist and also note down all the important move contacts such as the complete contact information of moving manager, the moving company, property manager, delivery truck service, address of your new home or any other important person.

Pack And Insure Belongings For long Distance

For long distance moves, pack all the items properly and carefully to make sure that all your belongings remain safe during the move. Make sure that everything is packed and cushioned in the box so all your stuff remain safe over thousands of miles in the back of the truck.  Some moving companies also offer insurance. So, it is better to hire a removal that also provides insurance. One of the leading companies, known for best house removals Purley also offers insurance that covers the damages.

Organize Your  Belongings

A great time saving tip is to organize your belongings during packing so you can easily unpack and set all the things on their places in the new home. Consider packing items of one room in one box and label the boxes clearly so you can easily identify them. Pack all the fragile items in the specialty boxes.

Keep Documents And Important Items With You

Keep all the important documents like birth certificates, passport, bank statements, social security card, license and other important papers that you’ll need on arrival. You should keep some important items with you like some clothes,  sleeping material and some other things so you don’t have to wait for the moving for these things.

Don’t Pack Food And Liquids

Try to avoid packing food and liquids for long distance moves.  Packed food may get crushed, tarnished or ruined during the move. Similarly, there is also risk if you pack liquids. If you want to take liquids like paint cans or oil bottle with you, make sure that they are sealed properly. Otherwise, the jars might get open and wet all the stuff. You can also consult a moving company offering best house removals Balham to get tips for sealing liquid bottles.

Mention Your Name On Each Box

Almost all the moving trucks serve for the long distance carry belongings of many people. This is why there are chances that the items may get shuffled or lost. So the easy solution for this is to mention your name on each box, so you can easily identify them.  You can also use some specific stickers or colors as a unique identifier. In case if your box is mixed with another shipment, then it’ll be easy for movers to identify your box.

These are few great tips to consider while moving your home. By focusing on these basic key points you can save your house removal from turning into disaster.