It would be wrong to approach the purchase of an air purifier with the laid-back style often adopted for a household gadget. A purifier does contribute to the overall good health of the inhabitants of a house, and more importantly, just the correct type and model should be chosen that would be sufficient for the intended purpose and adequate too. The wrong choice cannot produce any positive effect and would, in fact, end up as a waste of money.

  1. The room size

When picking out an air purifier India model, the size of the room for which the unit is intended for is significant. In fact, this could well be the most substantial part of the purifier specifications. Once the size of the area is understood, then it would be possible to have the right model that can be the most effective in the given conditions.

The larger the size of the room the more purifying capacity should the air purifier be enabled with. Speaking of the capacity, it does not necessarily mean that a higher capacity purifier needs to be bigger or larger, but it could be just that the more powerful motor could pump out more air in a given time.

  1. Filter type

The issue of picking out the correct filter type comes from the fact that the pollutants in a room are not composed of a single element. It is common to find a mixture of components that primarily make up the contaminants. Thus there could be pollen, dust, moisture, odor, smoke and the likes. It does occur that the share of the components in the impurities too varies.

With the filter types, there are a few options to choose from. There are the paper filters, fabric filters, HEPA element filters and so on. Some of the screens are single use whereas the others are multi-use as well. Thus the choice of filters should be such that the pollutants in the room are removed to the best extent and at the same time is easy to do a cleanup of the filters too.

  1. Air change rate

In effect, this is the power of the filtering capacity of the air purifier. A purifier that can turn over the air in a room faster would, of course, be more powerful. The air change rate is an essential feature of the air purifier India as it often decides the number of people that can be accommodated in a space at a given time.

For those rooms which are open to the air, it takes a higher air change rate to keep the pollutants out of the space. Thus the choice of the air change rate does vary with the conditions and is never to be seen in isolation.

  1. Portability factor

Portable models of air purifiers do help in situations where the issue of general air quality is seasonal. Thus this would mean that the air filter is needed only during some seasons and not as a constant requirement. With the purchase of a portable model of the purifier, it is possible to move it around the building as the need might arise. The main reason why people do prefer the mobile types of purifiers is that it can be used in more than a single location as the need arises and hence it is possible to save on the total cost incurred in purchasing the air purifiers.

  1. Customer service

Few people understand the broader issues that come with customer service and the quality of service on offer. The filters used in most of the air purification models are somewhat complex in nature. Some of them have to be replaced and even with the others that need to be cleaned out periodically; it does call for specialized knowledge and expertise most of the time. So unless there is the specific responsiveness from the customer service of the equipment supplier, it can render the air purifier unworkable for some time at least.

Often people do not consider the issue of cost of replacement of filter elements as that high a priority. But this is something that needs to be reviewed each time an air purifier is being considered for purchase.

  1. Noise levels

Despite every possible step being taken to keep the operation of the air purifiers as silent as possible, there is bound to be some noise in the working of the unit. In case a particularly sensitive use in being contemplated, then a suitable type of air purifier that would meet the operational conditions should be chosen. Sometimes this could mean choosing air purifier India models with specialized features that would render the most silent of operations.