Finding the perfect gift for a friend or relative can be tough, especially if they already have everything they want or need. Some people insist on you not buying them gifts, but deep down you know they’d be touched to receive one. So, what do you get for these people in your life? What would be the perfect gift? It’s always better to think of something personal, as this will prove how well you know them and how much they truly mean to you. Here are six great personalized gifts you can get for the special people in your life.

1. Photo Prints

What happened to classic albums and framed photos? It feels as though now everyone looks back on their memories on a computer or phone screen, and while this is great, it’s not quite the same as holding those images in your hand or flicking through the pages of a cherished photo album. Why not get those photos of your favorite moments together printed professionally so you can give them a big framed print out or carefully curated album as a gift? Use this Walgreens photo coupon to get discounted prints and create a wonderful personalized gift.

2. Jewelry

Another great gift for someone special is a stunning piece of jewelry that will bring a smile to their face. It might seem impersonal, but picking out the right item that perfectly reflects their taste is harder than you might think. Whether they love contemporary designs or prefer to wander through antique stores to find unique vintage trinkets, there is a lot to choose from, and it could be a challenge to find the right item for them. If you want to make it extra personal, why not have it engraved with their name, initials, or a quote that means something to you both?

3. Books

Books are another item that might seem impersonal, but they can be. Certain companies can edit classic novels to include your friend’s name as well as changing the names of other characters to whatever you want – this could be a fantastic gift for a book lover, especially if you’re able to find this opportunity with one of their favorite books. Alternatively, finding a first edition or getting a signed copy of a favorite of theirs is another brilliant personal gift.

4. Get Crafting

If you have a talent at arts and crafts, why not create something yourself to give to your loved ones on special occasions? Whether you’re into pottery, cross-stitch, knitting, or painting, a handmade gift is always touching. They will appreciate how much time and effort you have put into making it, and it’s an opportunity to be creative and express your love for them in a truly unique way.

5. Make a Scrapbook

A similar idea to the photo album, a scrapbook can contain many photographs of your cherished memories together. However, it doesn’t have to be limited to this, and you can also include letters you have written to each other over the years, newspaper clippings if any are relevant to you, stickers, or badges with the logos of your favorite bands, movie posters, etc. You can put off of your favorite things and memories into one place and write touching messages to them throughout.

6. Baked Goods and Food Hampers

This gift idea is perfect for food lovers and good cooks. If you enjoy spending time baking and cooking in the kitchen, you could always create a personalized hamper from scratch as a gift. Include their favorite sweet and savory treats, share some recipes, and add a delicious bottle of wine or two to finish it off perfectly.

Show your loved ones how much they mean to you with these excellent, personalized gifts.