With the rising demand for social distancing measures throughout the world, many families are left to their own devices at home. This only makes for better opportunities for families to spend some more quality time together. But what exactly is there to do? Here are six fun and unique outdoor activities for your family to engage in. Whether it’s a midsummer’s day afternoon or a sunny weekend, these activities are bound to offer you and your family the entertainment needed to relieve yourselves from stress and strengthen your bonds together.

1. Go for a hike

Especially when you are bored on a sunny afternoon, taking the family for a hike is a great way to help entertain everyone in the family. The hiking itself offers a great source of exercise, and it also helps to give everyone a break from their cellphones or technical devices. Many places have a vast array of hiking trails throughout them, but you can even benefit from going on a family walk around the block if there aren’t any hiking trails near your house. Even more, going for a hike is a free activity that lets your family go sightseeing in nature in a healthy way.

2. Have a cookout

Cookouts are also a perfect way to have fun with the family when everyone is bored because there won’t be anyone in the family against eating. Cookouts can include a variety of different activities in and of themselves, meaning that you could have a fire with s’mores afterward and even some games in between. At cookouts, you can grill or prepare some food that caters to everyone in the family, and you have the leniency to make the family get-together personalized specifically for your family. They can last anywhere from a few hours or even all day long, so it’s a great way to have a relaxing family day together. Lastly, you can have a cookout anywhere, whether that’s at a park or in your own backyard. All you need is some food and a fire or a grill.

3. Build a giant Jenga set

Jenga is a game that’s been played by families for decades. The rules of the game are so easy that they can cater to individuals of all ages. Not only can anyone in the family participate in playing the fun game of Jenga, but having a giant Jenga game to play in the backyard can also allow everyone to help make the game. All you need to make a giant Jenga game is some plyboard, some 2 x 4s and some paint. Once you have all of the supplies needed to play the game, you can build the set and everyone can help to paint the different pieces. After you’ve cut all of the 2 x 4s to the right sizes, you can sand them down and have the kids paint them all in different colors.

4. Go whitewater rafting

Especially on a hot summer’s day, whitewater rafting is an exciting way for families to get their adrenaline running together. Whitewater rafting alone has many mental and physical benefits that individuals of all ages can benefit from, but it is all the more fun while doing it together. You can gain the mental and physical workout benefits that comes from an exciting whitewater rafting trip. If your state doesn’t have any rafting opportunities, try planning a California whitewater rafting trip for the whole family to enjoy.

5. Go for a family bike ride

Gathering the family together for a bike ride is another great way for everyone to have fun together in a healthy and active way. You can all go on a bike ride anywhere, whether it’s on the bike trails local to your home or it’s throughout the neighborhood you live in. By riding bikes together, all of the members of your family can navigate the town or through nature together.

6. Hot Air Balloon Riding

Hot air balloon riding is rare to see, and it often doesn’t cross people’s minds when they’re thinking of activities to pursue when they’re bored. You and your family can engage in hot air balloon riding to offer an experience that no one will forget. You have the ability to see the town that you live in from a higher perspective than any other activity.

Overall, finding something to do that everyone in the family will have fun with can be difficult. When everyone is a different age and has different interests, many families simply choose to stay at home and let everyone engage in their own personal activities. But spending quality time together as a family is a great way to keep everyone together and having fun at the same time. The next time that your family is stuck around the house bored, consider engaging in some of these activities.

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