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6 Factors to Consider While Buying a Smartphone

Wanna buy a smartphone?

Looking for an android geek to get good phone suggestions?

But we have something better in mind. Why not we give you a guide to understanding the specifications of a phone, and you choose the phone on your own?

So, let’s dive in:


You might have heard of this term while buying your phone. It also goes by names like SoC (System-on-Chip) and chipset. It controls the overall performance of the phone. Your experience with the phone while opening an app, browsing through the internet, playing games, streaming the videos become easier and lag-free with a good processor or chipset. It also supports various smartphone features like wifi, Bluetooth, camera, security, and more. A good processor contains a higher number of cores to implement and execute the tasks and a higher clock speed of the cores to perform these tasks at a higher speed.


There are many phones in the market with dual, quad, and octa-core processors. In some rare phones, you also find hexacore processors. Higher the number of cores, the better the performance.

Clock Speed

The clock speed is measured in GHz. Higher the speed, the better the performance. But that also means more energy consumption. So, many of today’s Android smartphone processors come with different GHz values in one processor for better battery life and efficiency.

Choosing Processor Brand

Choosing the best processor brand should not be a difficult task as only a few brands make these chipsets. Most good android phones use Qualcomm and MediaTek chipsets which offer good performance. The chipsets made by Huawei and Samsung are also pretty good, but they are mostly used in their own phones. Apple-made chipsets are very efficient, but they are limited to iPhones.

Qualcomm processors have snapdragon 200, 400, 600, and 800 series. The higher the number, the better the processor. The recent Qualcomm snapdragon 888+ processor is the fastest processor with a clock speed of 2.995 GHz. Qualcomm claims that this new processor can perform 32 OPS (Operations Per Second) for all AI tasks. Compared to the former Snapdragon 888, which had 26 OPS, the new processor has added 20% efficiency.

MediaTek processors have their MT67, Helio P, and Helio X series for entry to midrange, premium-midrange, and high-end processors. While the Snapdragon has some great processors, MediaTek provides the best features at low prices.

The latest processor will be more powerful.

RAM and OS

RAM is as important as a processor to improve the performance of the phone. It stores the immediate app usage information so you can access multiple apps at a time without any loss of time. To make your phone experience easier and faster, RAM stores the information of the apps you closed. These apps keep running in the background, and when you return to these apps after a while, you can access the app page exactly where you left it. So, the more RAM, the better.

iPhones and smartphones from Google have better and faster performance even with lesser RAM, you might say!

Those phones have a better optimized OS or Operating System. An operating system manages everything in the phone, including processor, storage, device, and security. So, if you want a better user experience, you must have a better optimized OS. Apple has optimized the iOS so well that its 4 GB RAM is more efficient than 6 or 8 GB RAM of any other android phone. In other android phones, choose the latest version of android for a better optimized OS.


You know you’re not using your new smartphone for just calling and scrolling through web pages, don’t you? Today we use our phone for multiple things like calling, texting, social media scrolling, gaming, video streaming, and the list goes on. So, it is important to make sure that your phone’s screen size is adequate to keep your eyes from getting strained. But it should also not be so big that it does not fit into your pockets. So, choose a phone between 6-7 inches. But if you are not using your phone a lot for streaming or gaming, a 5-6 inches phone will do. A phone with good screen resolution gives a better streaming and gaming experience. Today you get phones with HD, Full HD, 2K, 4K ultra HD, and true 4K resolutions, the latter providing the best resolution. AMOLED displays give great colours adding a positive impact on the multimedia experience.

Battery Life

Battery life is important to keep your phones running. While various things like brightness, hours of phone usage, data, and wifi usage affect the battery life, the size of the battery is also important. You can buy phones with 2000mAh to 8000mAh batteries. But make sure you buy a battery not less than 4000mAh to have better battery life for your phone.


The common belief is that the more megapixels, the better is the camera. But the size of the sensor also matters in producing better photos. So, if you are a lover of selfies, make sure your selfie camera sensor is larger along with more megapixels.

Internal Memory

The number of apps we use is increasing day by day, and then you have your photos, files, and whatnot! So, it is important to have a good internal memory to make space for these things to coexist in peace. So, make sure you buy a phone with an internal memory of not less than 64 GB. If your previous phone had 64 GB internal storage capacity, go for the 128 GB variant this time. If you want to use an SD card, look for the slot.


You would like to look at many other specifications, like sim card slots, items in the box, security features, waterproofness, and more. Now that you understand the basic features of a smartphone, you should easily understand those special features and buy a great phone for yourself. Whether you buy a new phone or a refurbished phone, the above information will help to choose the right one.

Happy Shopping!