When you hear ‘Goa’, the smallest Indian state, you instantly think about the sun, sand, and sea. But there is more to this state than what meets the eye. From historical monuments to adventure sports to festivals, there is a lot to do.

Tourists from all over the world usually visit the northern part of Goa, specifically Baga, Vagator, Anjuna, and Calangute area. But if you want to experience the real Goan vibe, South Goa should be your destination. Yes, there would be fewer shacks, restaurants, and parties but the beaches there are cleaner, calmer, and heavenly. If you want to explore the unexplored in Goa, do not miss trying the following experiences.

#1 Silent Beach Party

A few clubs in Goa are offering this novelty experience. You would be provided with wireless headsets in the party and you can swap channels as well as choose songs from the playlist of the DJ. These parties are setups on beaches with wild lights around and in the venue. Attending such a party may be an extraordinary experience for you.

Apart from this, most of the clubs host parties almost everyday and serve all kinds of alcohol. So, if you want to spend a wild night drinking and dancing with your friends, there would be many places to choose from. Since most of the people around you would-be travelers, you can let go of your inhibitions and dance as much as you want.

#2 Be Close To Nature

Many people want to Buy Studio Apartment In Goa because this place is loaded with beaches, sunlight, cool breeze, forest area, waterbodies, and greenery. You can choose to sit by the beach soaking the sun with a book in your hand. Or, you may want to see the wildlife and wilderness here. More than 60% of Goa is covered by forests, and it has numerous national parks, farms, gardens, etc. So, finding a cozy green place would not be a hassle in Goa.

Moreover, there are numerous adventures like fishing, crab catching, swimming, canyoning, scuba diving, parasailing, etc., which will draw you closer to nature. Visit the Butterfly Conservatory, spice plantations, and farms to know more about nature and its uniqueness.

#3 Practice Yoga And Meditation

You may not think about meditation and yoga in Goa but you must know that silent beaches make the best spot to unwind and rejuvenate. Take a few sessions of relaxing yoga and meditation classes and then practice them by yourself in the lap of nature.

Your mind may be clouded due to competitiveness in metro cities, business worries, or personal problems. However, sitting by the sea silently and breathing in pollution-free air while practicing meditation would clear your mind. This will help you focus better in life as well as find inspiration.

#4 Adventurous Activities

Apart from watersports, there are numerous ways to satiate your adventurous spirit. You can go trekking, cycling, quad biking, swimming in the sea, rafting, sailing etc. for that.

Amongst the thrilling things to do in Goa is flyboarding and canyoning. Flyboarding is an activity where a hydroflighting device attached to you would help you float above the water while canyoning involves descending a waterfall. These two action-packed activities would definitely help you overcome your fears of height and water.

#5 Shopping

Goa has impressive local markets offering Rajasthani jewelry, handicrafts, flowy outfits, sunglasses, hats, unique bags, and a lot of other things. Do not shy away from bargaining and avoid paying extra for such things. On Wednesdays, the Anjuna area organizes a flea market every week and the market is like a paradise for avid shoppers. You will find lots of handmade things at reasonable prices. Crochet tops, earrings, necklaces, pouches, purses, etc. sold here are generally handmade and exquisite.

#6 Tasting Unfamiliar Dishes

Goa is amongst the most visited tourist spot in India and this is why it is also the state with the highest per capita income. Due to the presence of millions of tourists every year, locals here serve all kinds of cuisines. Moreover, people belonging to certain nationalities who have settled in Goa have opened up cafes and restaurants to bring their country’s flavor to their eateries. So, you will find authentic cuisines being served in different parts of Goa.

Additionally, traditional Goan cuisine is also worth trying. With spicy curries, fresh meat, and organic vegetables and spices, the traditional food will surely appease your palate if you like eating spicy food. For those who cannot bear spices, let the restaurant know about that and you will be served food with subtle spices.

The Bottom Line

Goa is amongst the best places to visit in India due to a plethora of experiences it offers. Apart from the ones mentioned above, you can visit forts, museums, wildlife sanctuaries, churches, etc. in Goa to know more about its culture and history.