According to Barclaycard Business Solutions, the fleet card market is a huge market. This market is dominated by a tiny amount of businesses, which has essentially led to little innovation among the players. Therefore, when you have made a decision to buy a fuel card, you need to find a company that will provide you with the best services.

  1. Save money

Find a card that makes it possible for you to save money. This is by offering rebates or discounts based on how you use the fuel. Ensure to check if there are any extra charges that are tied to these discounts.

  1. Reporting

The ability to get a detailed report is one of the advantages that these cards offer. Therefore, ensure that the card that you get has detailed reporting tools. For instance, you should get a detailed report on expenses and the miles traveled by the vehicle.

These reports should be easy to access. For instance, you should be able to log into your account online, as a manger, and check the reports.

  1. Card acceptance

Ensure that the card is widely accepted in the areas where your fleet will be operating. Some cards are only accepted within certain geographical locations or in specific places only. Limiting the choices that your drivers have can greatly hamper their operations.

  1. How big is your fleet?

Get fleet cards for fuel that meets the size of your fleet. For instance, if you have thousands of trucks, then a small or medium sized fleet company might not be able to handle all your needs.

However, if you are just a small business and you only have one vehicle, then there might be no need for you to use a fleet card since you won’t enjoy as many benefits from using it as you would get if you had a large fleet.

  1. Pump rice or fixed price

Some cards allow you to pay a fixed price for fuel. This means that wherever the drivers are, they will pay a certain agreed amount when they are fuelling, whether locally or nationally.

But when you opt for a pump price card, it means that the driver pays the price indicated at the pump, whatever it might be. This can expose you to wide price fluctuations in the market. The advantage that the pump price card offers is that you will be able to fill up in a wide variety of areas.

  1. Fuel type

Get a card that supports you buying the specific kind of fuel that your trucks use. For instance, there are cards for buying petrol only and those used to buy diesel only. Some cards allow for the purchase of both diesel and petrol.


There are different brands that offer these cards. Each brand has its own benefits and disadvantages. Therefore, it is up to you to take into consideration these factors before you commit yourself to using a card from a particular brand. To know more information and factors to selection of fleet fuel cards visit the author. Author daily writes one article. If you have any suggestions please contact the author.