Maintaining a mixer grinder is important for proper functioning. If you do not invest time in its maintenance, the money you invest in buying will go into the drain. In other words, if you keep the mixer grinder without cleaning after use, its productivity will decrease, and it will also affect its longevity. To make the mixer grinder work efficiently and have long-lasting durability, you need to follow its maintenance instructions properly.

Fortunately, there are several ways by which you can maintain or take care of your mixer grinder. No matter what brand of mixer grinder you buy for the use in your kitchen, these tips will allow you to keep the mixer grinder in proper working condition for a long time.


1. Wash the grinder thoroughly after each use

The first and foremost tip for maintaining your mixer grinder is to wash it thoroughly once you finish using it. As mixer grinders are used frequently in the kitchen, it is very important to clean them regularly. Try to remove the water from the jar after rinsing. Because if water is retained for a long time in the jar, the chances are high that it will damage the jar socket. So, try to keep the blades and the jar dry.

If, due to some reason, you cannot follow a lengthy cleaning process, take a wet wipe and rub over the appliance gently.


2. Use ingredients at room temperature

To keep the mixer grinder in a proper working condition and to ensure long-lasting performance, it is essential to put the grinding ingredients into the mixer at room temperature. Why? Because if you put extremely hot ingredients into the jar, it will fully damage the appliance. Therefore, try to use ingredients at room temperature to have better performance.


3. Allocate a proper place for a mixer grinder in your kitchen

Another important method to maintain your mixer grinder is to allocate a proper place for it in the kitchen. By assigning a specific place in your kitchen for the machine, your mixer grinder will stay in one place; hence it will be protected from mishandling.


4. Never put water on the jar socket

The jar of most mixer grinder has a separate motor. In this way, it becomes easy to wash the jar. But if you have a mixer grinder whose jar comes with a socket, then it is necessary to clean it very carefully. The reason is that if you keep the jar under water for washing, the water will go into the socket, thus causing damage to the electronic parts of the jar.

Caution: If water comes in contact with the socket, dry the jar as soon as possible using a hairdryer.


5. Make sure that the jar is locked in the right place

One of the important ways by which you can take care of the mixer grinder is to make the jar locked in the right place. It means that before putting it on the appliance, the jar must be properly fit into the blades of the mixer grinder correctly. If they do not fit into the mixer grinder at the right place, then the working of the appliance will be affected. Moreover, it will cause damage to the blade of the jar.


6. Clean your mixer grinder every week

As mentioned earlier, cleaning is very important for the maintenance of the mixer grinder. Apart from regular cleaning, it would be best if you cleaned your mixer grinder every week. Doing so will remove the hidden dirt or debris from the appliance and improve the overall performance of the mixer grinder.

To clean the jar, you can also use organic cleansers or a mixture of gel and dishwasher.

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