Imagine a situation: One Sydney afternoon, your dog is alone in your house and a person tries to enter your house using the pet door as a means to conveniently access your house. Although they might not be able to enter from the door it will give them an opportunity to sneak in their heads to get a better view of the space, fit in tools to get started or even widen the door without much trouble.

The worst thing is that the area outside the door with a doggy access flap is often fenced which prevents the doggy to prevent him/her to run away from the house. This will give the would-be thieves enough time to invade your belongings and run away.

You may not want to read this, but here we go….Just imagine the kind of mood you will be in case the person steals valuable things from your house. This situation makes it important for you as a dog owner to ensure that your doggy doors do not become a liability for your home security. In the latter part of this write-up, we have highlighted some creative doggy doors installation tips which will help you protect your house from theft particularly in Sydney.

Thankfully the people who create these doggy doors in Sydney know the potential risks involved with pet doors in Sydney. They provide clever yet ingenious tips that make it an intimidating task for the most outrageous burglar. As promised let us now look at the different tips to protect your house in Sydney from theft.

After reading this write-up, you will be able to protect your house in Sydney from theft by using effective doggy door installation ideas mentioned below:

Never use the door to install the doggy door

It is recommended to install the doggy doors in a wall instead of the door. This way you will be preventing burglars from using the flap to reach the interior locks of the door. It is equally important to get right-sized pet doors in Sydney and position it perfectly in such a way that it is installed to the height of the doggy’s back, and the width should be equal to the shoulder of the dog. Here’s the truth. This way even if the burglar tries to use the portable dog door as a means to enter the house they will be in for a very uncomfortable experience. The best part? This can even cause them to shout in anguish which can make your neighbours and other pedestrians walking down your block to spot them during the act.

Use the modern technology to drive away the burglars 

Modern-day pet doors in Sydney come with electronic locks that require an RFID chip to unlock. The beauty is that these chips are conveniently installed on the collar of your dog. This way your doggy will be able to get out easily using the door in a convenient manner but, it will make it harder for the burglar to gain access to the dog door in Sydney. Although these pet doors cost a trifle more than the standard flaps but are quite essential to protect your house from burglars.

Get a security alarm to the doggy door to catch any intruder activity instantly

In order to succeed in this endeavour, first of all, weigh your pet and then install sensors in such a way that they will drip in case anything overweight tries to move the door. This way you will also be able to protect your doggy from other cats, dogs and pests apart from the burglars of course!

Deter the burglars from entering your house through doggy doors by installing modern sensing lights in around the area of your pet door

Thieves find it convenient to get into the house through the pet doors because they are usually kept at an isolated and secure place. The only way to resolve this problem is by installing motion sensing lights in the area around the dog door. This way unwanted night time visitors will be deterred from entering your house thus giving you complete house security.

Install security cameras to overlook your dog door

If you install security cameras in the house even the most proficient burglar will think twice before invading your property. In case you do not have a budget to get a security camera we have a solution for you. You can use fake security cameras which look real but do not record anything. If you opt for a better quality, it may have a light which might suggest that you are looking on. What’s the bottom line here? If you install it just outside the house overlooking the pet door, even the most clever burglar will not come to know the difference which will deter them to enter your house.

Install timer lights in the room leading to the pet door to ensure maximum house security

This surprised us. You can play a little mind game with the burglars by installing timer lights in the room leading to the pet door. This way even if you are not at home, after specific intervals the timer lights will switch on and off giving an impression to the burglars that there is someone present in the house.


In the end, it has to be said that pet doors usually lead to security compromises in the house. But, after using the technological advancement and the tips given in this blog you can make it harder for a burglar to access your house through the doggy doors in Sydney.