Antique collecting is no longer reserved for aficionados. It is, in fact, one of the things from which you can make a significant amount of money. Roll up your sleeves, start digging around your house, visit garage sales and start collecting things that can bring you more return on investment than you have ever imagined. Keep reading and find out which collectibles will pay off the most.

Vinyl records

If you belong to the age group of millenials and you have inherited a bunch of old records from your parents or grandparents, and are thinking to throw them away – think twice before you perform this blasphemy, because a collection of vintage vinyl records can bring you more sugar than you have expected.


Who would have thought that some day CDs would not be fashionable? People have suddenly stopped using them, so they became one of the classics and we now see rare pieces on auctions only. This is where you step into the game. Go home, climb up the attic and dig for some rarities.


What are vintage records without a good turntable? Not only will you attract attention of buyers with your rare records, but you will also increase the value of the collection with a properly functioning turntable. The biggest value they have is the impeccable sound they produce, which is incomparable to new digital devices, and plus – it is more interesting to listen to music on a turntable than on YouTube.

Old electronics

People are sometimes not even aware of how precious some things lying around the house can be to others. Old electronics are one of the top things that can bring you money, because collectors now seem to invest into old devices. Depending on the condition they are in, the kind of device and where they are sold/bought, old electronic devices can bring you a lot of cash if sold on eBay for example.

Precious metals and jewellery

Designer pieces which include big shots such as Tiffany, Cartier or Van Cleef & Arpels are really valuable these days. Therefore, if your grandmother has given you a necklace or some other piece of precious metals in the form of 1 oz of gold, you had better run and ask for an appraisal signed by a legitimate appraiser.

Comic books

Geeks have become popular, as well as their lifestyle. They would give large sums of money on valuable collections of comics, which only gain value over time. The value of early and out-of-print editions of vintage books and comics only rises over time, so make sure you conduct a thorough research before you set the price of the pieces you have in your hands.

If you invest only in things (only) you like, maybe you will not find that much luck in getting a return on investment from them. However, if you step out of this zone and start viewing things from another perspective, you might end up being the next richest collector of priceless artefacts. Start collecting things that matter to other people, and inform yourself about their value before you start bidding.