Video marketing has become the hottest trend in digital space. The Global Web Index 2019 reports that 92 percent of internet users (more than 4 billion people) across the globe prefer watching video content over any other format.

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Effective videos can not only build your personal brand image but also shorten the sales cycle. A study conducted by Eyeview Digital reveals that embedding a video on a site’s landing page can boost customer conversions by 80 percent. No wonder, 87 percent of digital marketing professionals are already using videos to make their presence felt across all online platforms.

With so many businesses trying their luck with video marketing, it can be intimidating to create video content that stands out from the clutter. Potent video marketing campaigns resonate with the target audience, tell a compelling story, and uphold the brand values, thereby giving your brand a serious competitive edge. To successfully integrate video into your digital marketing strategy, not only do you need to create professional-grade videos but also distribute them where your target audience is most likely to see them.

Several brands are leading the way in the video marketing space by using demo, explainer, webinars, educational, live-streaming, and product videos to boost their online visibility. Take inspiration from the shining video campaigns shared below to fuel your business success using video marketing.

1. DropBox: Explainer Videos

This file hosting service firm has been operating in a highly competitive business environment with large enterprises, such as Google Drive and Amazon Cloud burning dollars in marketing their offerings. Though DropBox hasn’t spent a lot in advertising, it is reported to have crossed USD 10 billion already.

How did they achieve this, you ask? Their YouTube channel holds the answer! Besides offering a great product, DropBox’s expertise in using explainer, testimonial, and product videos for brand promotion is commendable. Take a look at this video, for instance.

DropBox Explainer Videos

Source: Youtube

The firm uses simple explainer videos like these to teach viewers how to use DropBox, convey its benefits, and build trust among its target customers.


2. Slack: ‘So Yeah, We Tried Slack…’


Slack’s ‘So Yeah, We Tried Slack’ video series piques interest and instills curiosity in its audience to know what happened next. The communication and collaboration firm portrays genuine cases of customers but gives a unique twist to the video by incorporating humor and dramatic visual effects, thereby engaging and entertaining its viewers.

Slack Video

Source: Youtube

Slack operates in a niche domain; hence, Stewart Butterfield, the founder of Slack wanted to educate new and potential users about the platform. Slack’s video campaign is cleverly interwoven with empathy, humor, and authenticity, making it sound like a genuine case of customer advocacy.

3. Taco Bell: Social Tales



Taco Bell Social Tales


Source: Yotube

Even though it’s new to the video marketing world, Taco Bell has left no stone unturned. The Mexico-inspired fast-food chain continues to leverage every social media platform known to mankind, accelerating brand engagement and encouraging its audience to fall in love with tacos.

Taco Bell online video cross-platform uploads


This chart gives you an overview of Taco Bell’s cross-platform video marketing efforts. The food chain constantly shares entertaining video series, such as ‘Taco Tales,’ ‘Share With Yourself,’ and ‘For Here or Go To’ on various social media platforms to engage their audience and win conversions.

4. Airbnb: Long-Form Videos


Airbnb boasts of crossing USD 38 billion value with over five million lodging options in more than 81 thousand cities across the globe. That’s quite an impressive feat, isn’t it? The platform has effectively used video marketing to overcome the challenge of bringing strangers to live together under one roof.

Airbnb Youtuve videoSource: Youtube

The American hospitality service and experience firm used long-form video content in the form of guests and host stories to win the trust of people who were hesitant to rent their living spaces. The firm has definitely taken long-form video marketing to the next level.


5. Buzzfeed: Data-Driven Videos

This digital news and entertainment firm truly knows its audience like the back of its hand. It had used this knowledge to create videos that are engaging and entertaining to their viewers. The result? Their Buzzfeed Video and Tasty channels are the major contributors to the firm’s worth which is already worth USD 1.5 billion.

Buzzfeed targets millennials and Generation Z. Hence, their videos appeal to this segment and are humorous, data-driven, and highly shareable on social media. For instance, their video on ‘Weird Things All Couples Do’ received massive attention and engagement from young couples, getting them over 1 million shares and 30 million views on Facebook alone.

Buzzfeed Data Driven Videos.png

Source: Youtube

Buzzfeed continues to post data-driven content in the form of challenges, behind-the-scenes, and hilarious stories, racking up thousands of views on YouTube and other platforms. Their channel, Tasty, features easy-to-follow how-to videos that help youngsters learn quick ways to make delectable recipes.


6. Volvo Truck: The Epic Split 

Volvo Truck The Epic Split


Source: Youtube

This heavy-duty truck company draws a subtle parallel between the action superstar Jean-Claude Van Damme and the stability and precision of Volvo’s dynamic steering. In this video, the entire focus is on the stunt and the performer rather than the brand. It subtly explains Jean-Claude Van Damme’s incredible journey towards success.

This top-of-the-funnel video is a classic example of how marketers can summon up a great sweep of awe for their brand without actually talking about it.

Get Inspired!

Videos have truly taken over the digital world. Owing to their authentic appeal and high engagement rate, videos rank first when it comes to the type of content people want to see from a brand they support. Most leading brands are getting creative and using videos effectively to engage their audience and fuel online success.

We are sure the impressive video campaigns discussed in this post will inspire you to build an effective video marketing strategy for your venture.

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