If you like bold makeup, black eyeshadow is something that you will love to have on other occasions. Well, no matter what your skin tone and eye shape are, you can never go wrong with a good black eyeshadow.

For some women, wearing black eyeshadow is as difficult as wearing a perfect winged eyeliner. When you apply a bold pigment with dark color, it can result in full-on raccoon eyes, which sometimes is not a breeze. But, when you know how to apply black eyeshadow like a pro in different ways, you can make this task much less stressful.

Are you scratching your head and thinking about what looks exist other than smokey eyes? Using black eyeshadow is something that gives more subtle ways to incorporate dark color into your eye makeup. Whether you choose black to create a base color or to layer it with lighter shades, this color is really pretty versatile.

Here, we have shared some of the best black eyeshadow looks that you can try to get on the dark, sultry trend.

Winged Smokey Eye

To get a winged smokey eye, you have to start with black eyeshadow and create a gradient on your eyelid. You have the choice to opt for dark charcoals, grays, and silver shades on your eyelid in such a way that the lightest shade comes at the top. Make sure to blend them well.

Use black eyeshadow for the actual wing. Now, you have to smudge out the wing gently with your fingers so that it creates a wing instead of creating a sharp and precise tip. For this, the best idea is to get a smokey shadow palette.

Double Wings

Do you want ultra-subtle smokey eyes? For this, simply get it by applying a mini-wing to your lower eyelash line. Applying dark shade above the crease and using a light shade on the eyelids makes this perfect look. Don’t forget to blend them. Take black eyeliner to create a wing on your eyelids, and get an eyeshadow brush for the lower lash line.

Now, lengthen this eyeshadow on the bottom lash line where it ends and get it slightly in the downward direction to create another wing opposite of the upper wing.

Sparkly Smoke

To get the slightly sparkly look, you want a good finishing gloss. Start with sweeping your black eyeshadow across your lids as well as above the crease. Now, take a smudgeable eyeliner pencil and use it below the waterline. Then, use a finishing gloss by dabbing it on your eyelids. Make sure to rub them gently using your fingers. End this eye makeup with mascara, and voila.

Soft Cat Eye

Do you know the main point of getting a black eyeshadow cat eye? It’s nothing but the use of a perfect formula. Here, to get this look, you have to use pigmented and matte eyeshadow. Don’t forget to get a specific eyeshadow brush for wings to get cat eyes.

Make sure to join wings around your lower lash lines. Obviously, you will also need a black liquid liner to fill the gap, if there is any, and it will also help in sharpening the tips. Always keep in mind that while getting this look, you need not stretch your skin around your eyes.

V-shaped Cat Eye

Are you a pro with your liquid eyeliner? If yes, then you must not miss trying this amazing look. It is one of the wonderful black eyeshadow looks that you must have. First of all, you have to start by applying black eyeshadow to your eyelid. Then, apply a lighter eyeshadow or highlighter under your eyebrow. Make sure to blend it gently using fingers.

Now, clean up any residue in such a way that you get a Q-tip. You can also use makeup remover here. Take black liquid eyeliner and start creating a sharp wing under the place where your eyeshadow stops. To get the more dramatic look, simply create a ‘V’ using a liner around tear ducts.

Metallic Cat Eye

When it comes to selecting the perfect black eyeshadow, you may not have enough options. But, if you want to get a little sparkle on your black eye makeup, there is definitely something for you. Here, you have to choose an eyeshadow with golden flecks. The main aim is to create a bold cat eye, and that too is a little more playful.

Start with applying eye primer, and then choose an eyeshadow with subtle golden flecks. Apply this shadow using a thin eyeshadow brush. Don’t miss connecting it around your entire eye to get a quick look. Of course, getting a metallic cat eye is not a tedious job at all.

Final Words

No matter what black shadow look you are going to create, always keep in mind that beauty is power and getting any of the black eyeshadow looks is something that works great in enhancing a woman’s confidence.

You can get these looks on any occasion you want, even on the simplest occasion.

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