Trekking is a part of exploring any place that you visit, and there is no ideal trekking season for the travelers looking for having fun and are adventurous. With backpacks and excitement of going on a trip, they keep their spirit always high and jump out of the bed each time they decide on going for the vacation.

While trekking in India, every season has got its beauty with summers giving the best of greenery and winters covering the mountains and valley in snow. So, it really depends on what scene that one wants to witness that decides the perfect timing for trekking.

In India, trekking is somewhat a new hobby and most of them are expecting to see some good amount of snow. So, some of those trekkers who wish to encounter white meadows, frozen water bodies and snow laden trails can choose one of these mountains and hill stations for winter trekking experience.

1. Har Ki Dun Trek

Beginning from a small village Taluka near Sankri, Har Ki Dun goes up to the valley that is named similarly. The route of this trek passes through a lovely dense forest of chestnut, walnut and willow trees. This is known as valley of Gods as per local beliefs. The valley acts as a base camp for Fateh Parvat and has a total trek distance of 67km with an altitude of 3500m.

Har Ki Dun Trek

2. Goecha La Trek

Travellers often get attracted to the charm that Sikkim offers with its unique culture. Situated in the south eastern region of Mt. Kanchenjunga is Goecha La, a high mountain pass. The trek involves passing through Khangchendzonga National Park, one of the greenest region in the world. The trek gives the delightful peak views for most of the mountains.

Goecha La Trek

3. Nag Tibba Trek

Due to its accessibility, less duration and easy terrain it is most lovable of all. Known as Serpent’s Peak, it is considered as the highest peak in the lesser Himalayan ranges. A temple below the mountain which is called Nag Devta Temple is believed to be the dwelling place of Nag Devta. This is the best trek for first timers and is 30 km with an altitude of 3022km.

Nag Tibba Trek Mussorie

4. Kuari Pass

This trek is the best for winters as it is a mountain pass that is situated in Garhwal Himalayas and at a height of 3876 km. This trail starts fromthe dense forest of Auli which is a famous ski destination. Best views are offered by the trek that includes Nanda Devi range of Peaks. Another highlight of this trek is Gurson Bugyal. The total trek distance is 35 km with an altitude of 3876 km.

Kuari Pass Trek

5. Kedarkantha Trek

This is one of the rarest treks that remain accessible throughout the year while passing through Govind wildlife sanctuary and a National Park in Uttarkashi district. The trek is rich with flora and fauna with the green meadows that get brimmed with snow to like a snow dessert. Gorgeous winter trek, the views of peak like Swargarohini, Kalanag and Baanderpoonch is breathtaking.

Kedarkantha Trek

6. Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek

With a magnificent view of western Uttarakhand in the backdrop of this lake, Deoriatal gets frozen in the winters. The view is arresting and one could see world’s highest Shiva Temple. The difficult level is from easy to moderate while being 25 km in distance with 4000 m in altitude.