Did you ever buy a product just because you loved the packaging? It’s happened to many of us. But what is it about an item that makes us pay attention and eventually buy it?

The people from Deepking really feel that custom-designed labeling and branding is what sets others apart. The following 6 brands must also believe this as they are instantly recognized by their awesome packaging.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

This brand has beautiful packaging. It’s simple, but it does its job and gets your attention.

Designers have used both color and form to create attractive packaging. It’s easy to understand how someone could be drawn to this brand’s products.

Packaging design varies from one product to another. Some have abstract geometrical designs, while others sport repetitive fruit patterns. This eclectic style has won the hearts of many customers and is sure to captivate others.

Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit’s designers have gotten very creative with packaging shapes. Each type of mascara and eyebrow pencil has a unique shape and color scheme. Powder and bronzer come in square boxes, each different from the next.

Many Benefit products are decorated with drawings that look like they were taken from comic books. Names like “Boi-ing” and “BADgal BANG!” also make reference to comic sound effects. This packaging is truly impressive!




This brand is one of the most striking. This company has taken the “glow” part of their name seriously, using bright colors with metallic lettering on almost all their products. 

It is almost impossible not to notice such bright and shiny packaging. The best part is that user reviews say the products are just as good as their packaging. The identical, simple lettering style makes it easy to recognize this company’s line.

KVD Vegan Beauty

If you’re into the gothic look, you’ll love this brand. With lettering and images reminiscent of a vampire movie poster, this brand is sure to catch your attention. 

Kat Von D’s packaging sticks to mostly black and white coloring, but the shapes and names are unique. Products like Dagger Tattoo Liner and Eau de Parfum that come in an antique-looking bottle with a skull on it stay true to the gothic look that sets this brand apart.

Urban Decay

This brand is another that uses simplicity to catch the eye. Bright colors and metallic packaging or lettering make it hard to overlook this brand. Purple, gold, and silver are the most prevalent tones.

Urban Decay also makes use of many different packaging shapes. With the exception of the general color scheme, there is a wide variety in the packaging. In fact, there is so much diversity that you’d have to look closely to tell the products are made by the same company.



Winky Lux

Winky Lux sports distinct multicolored packaging. Some products stick to a pastel color scheme. Others include a mixture of intense colors along with the pastels.

This brand uses metallic sparkle to catch your eye, as well. Golden highlights in floral patterns and silver lids on tubes of colored lip gloss are sure to entice anyone to buy them. Pill-shaped lip glosses are an ingenious trademark of this company’s marketing team.


These brands have awesome packaging that combines the use of color, shape, and pattern to get a customer’s attention. While some companies stick to a general color scheme that identifies their products, others produce packaging that is unique to each product.


Several common themes are apparent in the way these companies market their products. The best package design ideas include:


  • Using bright colors and metallic tones
  • Making good use of shape and texture
  • Finding a unique theme that will make your brand memorable

Following the example of these experienced brands, you can get your products noticed in no time!