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No one wants to be staring at blank walls all day, which is why art is such an important part of your home décor. From DIY to gallery wall pieces, there are plenty of art pieces you can use to decorate your home. Be it a photograph, painting, or print, a great piece of art will always add style to your living room, bedroom, entryway, or whatever other room you intend to install it in.
When shopping for art pieces for your home, you really don’t have to pressure yourself with the expensive high-end pieces. Generally, the best wall art should be the pieces you love, be it an aesthetically appealing color palette or one that arouses certain feelings or emotions in you. You can incorporate different styles of art in your home décor design.

1. Great Paintings

If your sense of style leans more towards antiquity or the splendor of the past, the reproduction of works of great ancient painters such as Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, and Claude Monet will be a great style to incorporate artistic appeal in your home’s décor. Procure wall paintings by Michelangelo, da Vinci, and other art masters to embellish your personal library or living room. You could also grace your living room with treasured works of Monet.
If your overall home décor is modern or trendy, you should consider adding Kandinsky or Picasso in the mix. Since paintings are permanent installations, you should only purchase pieces created with fade-resistant archival paint or those that incorporate long-term preservation methods.

2. Children’s Art

You can spare a room or a corner in your home for kids’ art where you can install children’s wall art for your kids. Art pieces in this category feature fun figures, simple shapes, and bright colors to appear appealing to the youngsters. To help gender-customize your children’s art, you can install gender-themed pieces in your children’s bedrooms. Gender-neutral pieces are best suited for their playroom. You can use these pieces of art to inspire your children by selecting those with inspirational quotes for children.

3. Wall Photography

Aesthetic wall pieces aren’t limited to paintings only. You can diversify your wall gallery collection by choosing from the readily available artistic wall photography. Framed wall photographs featuring images of intriguing figures or nature are great supplements to your home’s art collection, and you can install them in the hallway or your home office.
To blend the pieces of art with your home’s furniture and overall design, you can use framed pictures that complement your home’s style. For contemporary rooms, you should consider installing styled canvas photographs.

4. Contemporary Wall Art

This category of art ranges from scenes of city life, nature, or large abstract wall art. By focusing on the small pieces of contemporary art, it serves to show or heighten your love for details as an attribute of focusing on the small things that do matter in life. White and black pieces of contemporary art will help keep the color temperament of your home simple with plain contrast.
Other pieces of art are known to offer bursts of colors that often stand out among the smooth, simple shapes of your home’s contemporary décor. Consider installing a five-part canvas in large spaces such as your living room or an impressive triptych above your bed or couch to incorporate style in your space.

5. Vintage Art

Do you happen to possess a healthy nostalgia for the old days? If that’s the case, you can comfortably bring this vintage style into your home by installing timeless pieces of art décor. It’s often a great way to preserve history or remind yourself of the good old days.
Vintages pieces could include flags, prints of vintage drinks, personality, character, and cars. These pies of art collections are best installed in a traditional kitchen, the workshop, or in one’s bedroom. Even better, you could design a special nostalgia room specifically for entertainment.

6. Metal Art

These art pieces will introduce intrigue and diversify your art collection. With metal art, you can create custom displays such as metal wall hangings for contemporary rooms. The pieces could vary from abstract shapes to interesting shapes of trees or insects. You could add style to your garage by installing large metal wall stickers. Using self-adhesive vinyl stickers makes the installation and removal process easier.


Installation of pieces of art in your home adds stylistic icing to the overall décor design. Wall art will help pull space together, appeal to your guests’ eyes, and introduce an inviting aura into your home. The process of searching, collecting, and installing pieces of art that you love might be tiring, but it’s worth the hassle.