When it comes to having a great style, then knowing what types of pieces and colours to wear is all part of the equation. But, if you are someone who tends to only stick to a few pieces from your wardrobe, then having the confidence to wear new colours or styles can be huge. Having self-confidence is important to your overall wellbeing and, not only is it emotionally and mentally beneficial to feel good about yourself, but it will make you feel so much more confident. It’s no secret that what you are wearing affects how you feel and dressing with confidence is so much more than just following the latest fashion trends, it’s about feeling good in the clothes you are wearing.

Dress Your Best Features

No one is perfect and everyone has features or traits which they like and dislike about their bodies. It is all about finding your best assets and showcasing them and by accentuating the areas that you love, you will feel so much more confident. If you love your legs, then wear a great fitting pair of cigarette pants or a side-slit skirt to highlight them. If you have an hourglass figure, then accentuate your small waist with luxury belts.

Not All Trends Are Equal

You must remember that not every new trend or style suits each body shape and, just because it is in trend doesn’t mean that you have to wear it. Dress by selecting the trends which highlight your best features and choose silhouettes which flatter. Always dress for fit, rather than fashion and remember that not every trend will work for you. If you try to keep up with all the latest trends, then when something doesn’t look or fit right, then this will have an effect on your confidence.

Fabric Choice Is Everything

All fabrics have different fits and cuts, so will fall differently depending on your body shape which means that some might just not be right for you. In order to minimise any areas of concern that you have, the avoid high-sheen fabrics or especially clingy ones. These fabrics tend to attract attention to any areas that you’d rather not have focus on, so instead use matte fabrics. If you have curves, then high-quality fabrics will contour any creases and glide over your body with the risk of over-exposure.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Colour

There is no grey area when it comes to the right colours. People respond differently to colours and different colours represent certain reactions and moods. You probably already have a good idea of what colours suit you, so use these to your advantage to give you an instant mood and confidence boost. Some colour tips include using dark colour blocking at the side of your torso to make your waist appear smaller and using bright colours to draw attention to the areas you want to show off. Even a swipe of bright lipstick can completely change your whole outfit and give you an extra confidence boost.

If All Else Fails, Choose Black!

If you want to feel confident, but aren’t keen to try bright colours or new fabrics, then sticking to what you know is fine too, as long as you feel confident! If you are in a style rut, then just focus on the styles and shapes you like and use black to get an easy, but very glamorous, look. Adding depth to black ensembles can be done by mixing different textures and fabrics, or by adding accessories such as white pumps, a gold chain belt or a bright handbag.