Do you want the walls of your room to be functional? There is no better option than the slatwalls. Displaying the goods and merchandise in your store is an effective way to boost your sales. However, slatwalls also aid to the aesthetics of your store. They usually consist of panels with horizontal grooves and they are versatile in their use. These panels are typically fabricated from medium-density fiberboard and finished with a variety of textures and styles. There is a wide variety of options available to choose the right slatwall accessories and hardware. Here are 5 ways to use slatwalls for your store.

  1. Airy and Light Display

Store window displays are like the advertisement banners for your business. There are numerous ways to get your display right. You can weave a story through the displays and hook onto your customers. Since slatwalls are very versatile, you can change the look of your store by using a few accessories and paints. For example, if you own a gift shop, you can hang brooms against an orange backdrop and if it’s Valentine’s Day, you can add red to the display. You can get your shelves made from a variety of materials like PVC or acrylic. Acrylic is usually light. This creates an airy display and the focus is centered on the displayed merchandise. Transparent shelves made of glass can also be used to display expensive products at your stores like jewelry or crystal objects.

  1. Effective Store Handling Operations

There is hardly any showroom that doesn’t use slatwall. Slatwalls help in effective store handling if it’s behind the cash register or in the back office. Acrylic bins attached to the slatwall can be used to organize smaller important items.

  1. Strong Attachments and Accessories

Slatwalls may be durable, but it’s the accessories that make them versatile. For example, a slatwall J hook is a strong hook that can handle anything heavier than the ordinary loads. If you have a bookstore, there can’t be anything better than the slatwalls to display the newly launched novels, biographies or magazines. You can easily find cube shaped freestanding slatwalls which come with literature pockets, peg hooks and other shallow attachments. If you plan it well, slatwalls can make everything at your store look uncluttered. Accessories are the best way to display goods and merchandise according to their category or theme. This is important from a customer’s point of view as he can find the products easily without wasting much time.

  1. Marketing Purpose

Small stores can generate extra revenue through advertisements in their store. Small bins or trays can be attached to the slatwalls where you can put pamphlets, flyers, brochures and catalogs to let customers know about your operation. However, if you tie up with another business selling complementary products and let people know through the flyers, it is a great way to create more business.

  1. Store Interior Decor

From gondolas with casters to freestanding slatwall fixtures, slatwalls can be used to decorate the interior space of your showroom. They can be used in a cafe or restaurant to place artificial flowers and other decorative items and thus, aid to the ambiance. Since they are available in a variety of colors and textures, you can place slatwalls of contrasting colors and boost the visual appeal of your store. However, hiring specialists like Dinya Designs – Slatwalls Specialists can save your time. The expert’s team at Dinya’s can design and install striking commercial solutions.

Slatwalls are very easy to install. They are an integral part of the home decor and can be found in any place with a smart storage system. They have enabled the retailers to maximize their store space. Using durable accessories can minimize the requirement of their maintenance. However, you may need a specialist to glam up your store using slatwall. But it is worth the investment as it gives your business the impression it deserves.