In today’s digital landscape, there is no valid reason why your business is not on Instagram. If you’re still relying on traditional methods of marketing, then you’re leaving out a massive percentage of your potential clients.

Instagram is currently the most prominent social platform with over 500 million daily users. It serves as a great opportunity to improve your customer appeal and convert admirers into buyers.


Keep reading, and you’ll find out how to use the platform to promote your business, drive traffic to your site, and multiply your lead conversion rates.

Tips on how to use Instagram as your marketing tool

  1. Use an optimized business account

Whether you provide a service or sell a product, it’s wise to use a business account. By having such a profile, you can check statistics on your activity, content, and audience.

Also, you can learn the type of content with the highest impressions and views. Since you’re running a business, use a professional profile photo.

Next, write a smart bio that reflects the tone and nature of your company. To top it off, insert your link underneath your bio.

  1. Have beautiful photos

You need impressive visuals if you want people to recognize your profile. Even if you’re selling clay pots, running a gym, or managing a beauty parlour, take professional shots of your products or space and post them online.

Apart from high-quality photos, your captions need to be unique. If you’re finding it hard to come up with a good text, local SEO Brisbane is there to help you create great captions with the potential to shoot up your engagement and conversions.

  1. Repost your followers content

The best and easy way to show your clients love is by hitting the repost button. Whenever you come across a post of someone wearing your merchandise or using your service, be a darling, and share such content on your page.

By doing so, you’re not only appreciating your clients but also building engagement and boosting the credibility of your brand.

  1. Give discount codes to followers

You can run promotions where you reveal discount codes to followers who watch your stories. This is great if you want to run a 24-hr promotion.

Otherwise, if it’s an extended sale, post an image on your feed with the relevant info and hashtags. A better strategy would be to redirect them to the link on your bio and drive traffic to your website.

  1. Use soft Call to Action buttons (CTA)

Since Instagram doesn’t allow you to include links for direct sales, you have to learn how to use your creativity to attract customers.

How do you go about it?

Make use of soft CTAs. You can post photos of your brand culture that entice viewers to buy your product to enjoy a particular lifestyle or join your gym to achieve their “perfect body”.

Apart from that, use active language in your captions. You can go for “Buy now,” “Sign up today,” or “Subscribe to”. To understand how to implement CTAs in your post, SEO Company in Melbourne will provide you with practical tips on how to tease your viewers and get them to take action.

To wrap it up

After reading this, there’s no reason for you to sit on the sidelines anymore. Instagram is a great and easy platform to promote your business.

Now, go ahead and use these guidelines to change passive shoppers into clients.

All the best!