While storage units are great for keeping things in one place, they often have one con for people who want to use them. Unlike in your own home, you can’t keep a 24/7 eye on your belongings that happen to be in a storage locker. If you aren’t accessing your unit every few days, which most people don’t, safety can be a major concern.

Every storage unit and company have their own views and methods of security, and while it pays to check in and ask a few questions before committing yourself and your stuff to one storage facility or another, there are some things you can do to ensure that thieves stay far away.

1. Figure out what not to put in a locker:

Almost anything can be put in a storage locker, but to get the most security, keep things out of the lockers that aren’t covered by insurance. For example, cash needs to be in a bank and not a locker, and some places don’t allow jewelry or other valuables. Talking to an insurance agent about what is and isn’t covered will allow better decisions about what makes sense to put in. Well, the following points will take you through the list of things that should NOT be given a miss when it comes to buying an admirable locker.

2. Inventory your items:

Take detailed records of what you place into a storage unit and update them every time something is placed inside or taken out. This micromanagement is time-consuming, but if something is taken then it can allow for a detailed police report to ferret out the missing items quickly and without any trouble. Photographs can also help out with determining what is missing.

3. Go to indoor storage:

Storage units that are inside of a large building also have keypads and additional layers of security that allows for fewer break-ins as the thieves would need keypad access to get inside. Outdoor storage lockers are still safe but require additional protection as it’s easier for thieves to gain access.

4. Use insurance:

For some storage units, insurance is an option while for others insurance is mandatory. By purchasing insurance and talking to your agency about how your items will be covered in the event of damage or theft, you can put some inexpensive precautions in place.

5. Choose your own lock:

Most units allow customers to bring their own locks to secure their doors. Opting to purchase an additional strong lock that can stand up to bolt cutters and other forms of tampering, or even a cylinder lock that can’t be cut easily is a good choice to provide extra security for your things.

Many companies have secure storage units Pittsburg, and in other cities, and storage units are often heavily secured and guarded. However, bringing your own security and taking extra steps to ensure that your items and valuables are kept safe is always recommended.

There is no such thing as too much security, and with storage locker theft on the rise, now is the time to focus on security and your own piece of mind.