Your house is supposed to be a sanctuary where all of your troubles from the outside world disappear every time you walk through the front door. The last thing you want to happen is for your loved ones to be in danger when they are home, but this unfortunately happens all of the time. Luckily, you can easily improve the safety of your home by making a few minor changes. Here are five things you can do to make your home safer for you and your loved ones.


Get a Security System

The FBI estimates that a home burglary happens every 15 seconds in the United States. The best way to prevent a burglary at your home is by installing a security system. There is no need to hire an expensive alarm company because all you need is a few alarm sensors on your windows and doors. These items emit a loud sound anytime someone attempts to illegally enter the home, which will be good enough to scare away the intruders. It may be also a good idea to add motion lights and security cameras to the exterior of your home to make the security system more effective.


Keep the Mailbox Empty

While a security a system is a great way to deter home intruders, there is still more that you can do to keep everyone safe. It may not seem like a big deal, but it is very important to keep the mailbox empty as much as possible. A full mailbox indicates that the family is possibly on vacation, which makes your house a prime target for criminals. You may have had a long day at work, but you still need to go outside to get the mail. If you do happen to go on vacation, then you need to have a neighbor or relative collect your mail while you are gone.


Install a CO Detector

Carbon monoxide is a completely colorless and odorless gas that can easily enter the breathing air in your home thanks to a faulty furnace, water heater or stove. Since carbon monoxide is toxic, breathing the gas is very dangerous. Carbon monoxide poisoning sends more than 50,000 people to the hospital every year. It is also responsible for more than 400 deaths each year. The only way to completely protect your loved ones is by installing a carbon monoxide detector in the house. This simple device should go right next to your smoke detectors, and it will send an alarm if the dangerous gas is detected.


Mount the Large Furniture

That antique cabinet or bookshelf may be the perfect way to accessorize your home, but they can also be extremely dangerous if you are not careful. These large pieces of furniture can easily fall over with a small amount of force. While furniture tip-overs commonly occur when small children use them as climbing toys, they can also fall after an accidental bump. This will completely destroy the furniture and injure your loved ones. Almost 15,000 children are seriously injured in furniture accidents every year, but they can be avoid by using wall straps or anchors.


Install Fencing Around Home

A simple fence can protect your loved ones from several different dangers. Fences are a great way to prevent home intruders. These criminals love to operate in areas where they can’t be seen, which makes the backyard the perfect entry point. It will be much harder for them to get into your yard if you have a fence around the exterior of the property. Fences are also a great way to protect the children when they are playing outside. You will not have to worry about them running into the street or encountering strangers if they playing in a yard secured by a large fence.