Is your golf game lagging behind? Don’t worry, there’s lots you can do to improve it. Read on to find out more.

Relax Your Muscles and Keep a Light Grip

A lot of golfers make this mistake. They think that in order to get the most speed and power on a drive, they should grip the club firmly and tense the muscles in their arms. That seems to make sense, right? Well, not exactly. This will actually make it harder for you to get speed on the drive. To make sure you can get that speed on every shot, you need to relax a little. This means relaxing the muscles in your arms and hands. And then loosening your grip on the club too.

Remove Spin from Your Drive

When you’re trying to drive the ball as far as you can, you need to make sure that you don’t put spin on the ball. The spin will take the ball in the wrong direction or reduce the amount of distance you achieve with your drive. So, how can you reduce spin? For a start, try teeing up the ball a little higher. It’s never a good idea to tee it up low because then you can’t get beneath the ball with your swing as much. You should also try to avoid moving forward over the ball as you hit it.


Use Technology

Luckily for you, there are different forms of technology available nowadays that can make improving your golf game a little simpler. The best are the monitoring systems that you can attach to your golf club. When the system is attached, and you hit the golf course, it will allow you to carry out golf swing analysis. You can hook it up to an app on your smartphone and tablet and then see what you’re doing well and what you can improve on. This kind of insight could be exactly what you need to improve your game.

Focus on Your Footing

One of the most simple tips that any golfer can employ is anchoring their footing. It’s a very simple piece of advice, but it could make a huge difference to your golf game. Your footing should be the right distance from the ball and kept anchored until it’s the right time to lift your foot. If you lift up your right foot (or left foot for left-handed players) too soon, you lose power and distance on the drive. And you don’t want that to happen. You should lift the foot as you make contact with the ball.

Practice as Much as Possible

The most important thing you can do to improve your golf game is practice. There’s no replacement for getting out on the green and taking shot after shot. It’s the only way to make sure that you improve the weak aspects of your golf game. If you fail to practice and put in the hours on the green, your game simply won’t improve in the way you want it to. This is also great for people who struggle with their consistency. You’ll only become consistent if you get in the habit of practicing your driving and putting.