It’s easy to presume that if you don’t have much money to spend on your garden, there’s little point in attempting to improve it at all. However, the truth is that you can take all kinds of steps to enhance your valuable little green space, without having to delve too much into your savings.

Reshape the lawn

Cutting your lawn into a clearly defined shape – such as a circle, square or oblong – can have a dramatic impact on how your garden looks.


Not only is it cheap to do – requiring little more than string for marking out the shape, as well as a spade, such as this Spear & Jackson offering from Amazon, with which to cut away the excess grass – but it’s also a relatively easy job that shouldn’t take you more than an afternoon.

Introduce some plants… the affordable way

You definitely don’t need to spend much as far as plants in your garden are concerned. You could grow them yourself from seeds or cuttings, or swap them with your friends or neighbours, while others go as far as making compost and plant food of their own.

Opt for herbaceous perennials and shrubs instead of annuals, and you can also look forward to your plants continually coming back over the years to come.

Don’t forget the trees, either

Trees can have even more of a visual effect on your garden than plants, and you’ll be pleased to learn that you don’t have to fork out too much money to introduce a few to your own outdoor space.

They’re certainly very affordable in the context of their formidable size and longevity, and you only need a handful of them to transform your garden. Presuming your garden is average-sized, three small trees such as a crab apple, an ornamental cherry and a Juneberry should be just fine.

Make use of tiered planters

A tiered planter can be a genius addition to your garden for maximising the amount of ground space you can use for flowers and herbs.

There are even tiered planters that can be effectively treated as multiple separate planters. This gives you the greatest possible scope to move them around in accordance with your current aesthetic preferences and practical needs.

Have a conservatory, sunroom or orangery installed

Now, you might understandably be reading this and thinking… how could having an entire new building constructed possibly constitute a budget-friendly way of improving your garden?

That’s a fair point, but you might be surprised by the wide range of Yorkshire roofing firms out there that can give you the perfect conservatory, orangery or sunroom at a very reasonable price. More financial help is available now than there has ever been for such improvements, encompassing such options as interest-free credit, flexible monthly payments and ‘buy now, pay later’ plans.

Plus, it surely has to be worth a bit of outlay to make surely the best improvement you could ever make to your garden. Such buildings blur the line between the inside and the outside of your home, thereby making you more appreciative of and more likely to use your garden.

Your garden could certainly be looking stunning this season with just a few small and surprisingly inexpensive changes!