You’ve seen the movies and fantasised about how your camping trip will go. Warm camp fires, toasted marshmallows, warm blankets and people laughing – it’s enough to make every city person pack up and leave in order to spend a week in the wilderness with little to no electricity and modern amenities.

For those who’ve never been camping it can be daunting when you think about how much you’re going to be in nature, but here are five ways to make your summer camping trip really memorable.

  1. Give Yourself Enough Time

You don’t want to get to your camping spot and realise you only have half an hour of daylight left in order to set up everything, so get to your spot with an ample amount of time so you’re not rushing. Setting up and packing are the hardest parts of camping and if you take your time everything will become a lot more enjoyable and way less stressful.

If you have an RV or caravan then most of the work is done for you, but for those who despise tents and still want to immerse yourself in nature then a camper trailer like the Explorer from Cub Campers is the perfect combination of luxury and wilderness.

  1. Limit Your Technology

No one decides to go through all the hassle of packing everything and leaving the comfort of your own home only to just stay inside your tent or camper the entire time. You’ve made the effort, so you might as well enjoy the scenery that is around you. You don’t want your trip ruined because you’ve broken expensive tech gear, so keep it to a minimum with the absolute essentials like your phone and camera.

Plus, there’s on electricity for the most part so everything will die anyway:

  1. Explore Beyond Your Campsite

If you’re using accommodation like the explorer camper trailer, then take advantage of the fact that you can travel off road by visiting different camp sites over your trip. If you prefer to stay put then chuck on your boots and go hiking, you’ll be surprised at what you can find and the views are almost guaranteed to be beautiful. Nature has a lot to offer so take advantage of it.

  1. Be Prepared

Nature is unpredictable, and unless you’ve grown up going on camping trips frequently then you most likely will know very little. Do your research about the area or areas you are visiting and make sure you are aware of any dangers that may be present. Always bring a first aid kit and any medication that you or your campers will need, and never try and provoke wild animals.

Check the time you are going and make sure that it’s nice weather and bring any necessities you deem to be important. Finally, make sure you’ve mapped out routes to the closest hospital, town, post office etc. so that in an emergency you know where to go.

  1. Do What the Movies Do

Toasting marshmallows, drinking hot chocolates and laughing around a campfire is just as magical and fun as it seems in the movies. When you spend an entire day setting up or hiking around your site, a chill evening next to your camper sitting around a fire is the picture perfect way to end your day.