If you face failure while uploading videos on TikTok, then you are not the only one to experience so. Many people experience frustration and anger when their videos get stopped while uploading. A lot of TikTok users have reported that their upload gets stuck at 0%, 33%, or even 99%.

There might be some alternate reasons behind the failure of uploading videos. Your video might get crashed from your side or they can also face corruption if the TikTok server is down.

In this article, we have created a guide that can help you to solve the video uploading problem.

Try To Restart App As Well As the Phone

This is one of the most common and general solutions. If you face a problem while uploading videos, first apply this solution that is restarting the application and then the phone. When you restart the application, it might fix any minor background problems that are causing the upload to crash. Additionally, restarting an app also boost speed and performance.

If your problem remains even after restarting the app, then try to restart your phone too. Most of the technology-based problems can be solved using this method.

Consider Checking the TikTok Server

If the TikTok server has some issues, you might find difficulty while uploading videos. Some unlucky people face this kind of technical difficulty. As TikTok has massive users around the world, it’s not a surprise to experience server overloads.

Try to take help from third-party sites that provide necessary information regarding the TikTok server. However, try to observe if others are facing the same situation as yours. If they are unable to upload too, then it’s a server issue. Generally, TikTok solves any issues regarding their server within 2-3 hours.

Recheck Your Internet Connection

If you have an unstable, slow, or weak internet connection, your video might get crashed while posting. However, you don’t need internet with super speed to upload videos on TikTok. But whatever your internet package is, if the upload speed is very much low, then your videos won’t be uploaded. Therefore, just recheck your Wi-Fi or mobile data to make sure they are working properly.

If you have Wi-Fi and the uploading speed is down, then try to restart the device. On the other hand, if you rely on mobile data, then turn the airplane mode on and then off.

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Check for Copyright Violations

The TikTok terms and conditions are so strict against copyrighted content. However, until you upload videos created by other people on TikTok, you will face no problems regarding copyrighted rules.

If your videos are failing to upload and you don’t know why then check for any watermarks or logos in your video because they might give you a copyright strike. If you notice something like this, just crop the video and then upload it to the platform.

As per The IP Kat, if you’re using a song, make sure that it’s not copyright protected. Otherwise, you won’t be able to uploada video with that song due to copyright issues.

Notify TikTok Service Center about Your Problem

If the above steps don’t work out, then it’s suggested to report your problem to the TikTok service center. The customer service of TikTok is very helpful. When you do this, they will guide you to fix the error even if you can’t find the error in your account. If you’re mistakenly blocked from uploading, only the TikTok service center can solve your problem.

Just go to the app settings and click on the “Feedback” option. There you can describe your problem and the customer service will contact you in no time.


These are the 5 steps that can help you to solve video uploading problems on TikTok. Undoubtedly, failure in uploading videos is infuriating as well as frustrating. Additionally, if you cannot upload, it will affect your growth on the platform. So, try to fix the problems as soon as possible.