Puffy eyes are a common scenario in most people. After waking up, anyone can predict how your sleep was as your eyes more than betray you.  It may not seem like a big deal when you are young when you are young but when you become old it is not as cute. The last thing you want is to wake up in the morning, having an important meeting or presentation and your eyes are puffy. The reason you need to deal with puffy eyes is because they make you look sleepy and sickly. If you want to look serious, these symptoms speak of everything else but.

There are a number of things that can make you have puffy eyes including dehydration and sleeping late. Dealing with these factors will be a step towards curing puffy eyes permanently. Some ways you can use include:

1. Drink Plenty Of Water

Dehydration is one of the major causes of puffy eyes. You may have noticed if you take over salty food in the morning you tend to wake up with puffy eyes in the morning. The same case applies if you cry before sleep. This is because water is retained around the eye area which is triggered by salt concentration in that area. Drinking sufficient amounts of water will keep the puffiness at bay and also avoid foods that have a high amount of salt or sugar. The same case applies to alcohol and caffeine.

2. Exercise

I know that you have been told close to a million times that exercise is one of the recommended lifestyle fitness that you need to adapt to. I hope you have already done so. No? Well, you need to start right away as it helps with the eye puffiness.  According to research, exercise help in ensuring that fluid in the body doesn’t accumulate in the body but rather allow movement. Allocate sometime every day in for exercise. You may take a walk, jog or simply do some yoga exercises.

3. Get enough sleep

Puffy eyes are sometimes a sign that you haven’t been getting sufficient amounts of sleep. Getting enough sleep every day will keep the puffiness away. About eight hours of sleep will do just fine. Also, ensure that as you sleep, you keep your head elevated at an angle. By so doing, the fluid that often accumulates around the eyes as you sleep at a horizontal position doesn’t get pulled suddenly causing puffiness. The same thing happens to people who sleep on their stomach rather than the back. Sleep on the back.

4. Take Care Of Your Face

The area around the eyes is so fragile and care is needed when handling it.  Harsh chemicals and rough handling can cause damage to the skin and as a result, cause you to have puffy eyes regularly. It may also cause the skin to become loose and prone to fluid retention. To avoid this, ensure that the chemicals you use on the face are gentle and that you apply a moisturizer often around the eyes. Whenever you cleanse the face, don’t scrub it harshly but rather pat it dry. Don’t forget to use a makeup remover to take off the makeup as this ensures the makeup comes off easily.

5. Treat The Underlying Condition and surgery

Condition such as allergies may trigger puffy eyes. Over the counter medications will help cure your seasonal allergies or if this doesn’t help, ask your doctor for other medications. You should also keep clear of allergens such as animal fur and dust as they may trigger allergic reactions. Astringent cream is also one of the best products for puffy eyes that will help cure them. Other conditions that may cause puffy eyes include dermatitis, pregnancy, mononucleosis, medication and hormonal changes that result from menstrual cycle. Getting these conditions treated will keep the puffy eyes away forever. If all these ways don’t work then you may consider blepharoplasty surgery as a last option. It should be followed by laser treatment of the skin. The downside is that the procedure is expensive and will take you a number of weeks to heal.

There are also a few tips that will help you reduce the puffiness and get by easily through the day. They include massage around the eyes, placing a cold item over the puffy eyes (not ice cream though), and avoid usage of devices that emits lots of light before sleep.


With the above way, you are sure to keep eye puffiness off permanently. Life already has a lot of challenges and puffy eyes should not be one of them. Should all the above ways fail, then it might be an underlying serious medical condition.  Strive to have it addressed as soon as possible.