The New Year is the traditional time for making changes, with resolutions to make positive changes in the coming year. For many people, making a change to their appearance in some shape or form is their desired goal for the coming year. This could be shifting a few pounds or practicing a new form of exercise.

Here are five great ways of changing your appearance, giving you the look you have always wanted.

1. Update your Wardrobe

Let’s be honest, when we go shopping for clothes, footwear and accessories we are attracted by the style of items, colour and cut, as well as the price. But, we also shop with comfort in mind. Comfort in that the style of clothing is what we have always worn, what we look good in and what other people expect to see us in.

Is it time to ring the changes? But doing it on your own can be tough as you may soon find that you fall back in the same old buying pattern.

Many larger department stores have personal shoppers, people with an in-depth knowledge on current trends and styles but also what suits, flatters and enhances your body shape, skin tone and so on. You may be surprised at what really suits you.

2. Clear Braces for a Great Smile

Braces and visits to the orthodontists are not something that you would naturally assume with adulthood, thinking that you left all this behind in your teenage years. But this kind of dentistry is growing in popularity. If you have ever wanted white, straight teeth, these treatments are now within grasp. As well as professional teeth whitening, a brace is an option to straighten teeth. If, however, you are assuming this means a mouth full of metal, think again. A clear brace is a possibility and with it being hard to spot, most people won’t even know you have a brace. Give your smile a boost this year with cosmetic dentistry and a clear brace from professional dentists such as Portobello Dental.

3. Get to the Gym

It’s tough. It’s the last thing you feel like doing after a long day at work. Frankly, what is more appealing is getting home as quickly as you can, slamming the door against the world and spending the rest of your evening in your PJs.

Nibbling on chocolate with a glass a wine whilst watching your favourite soap is all well and good but if you are serious about changing your appearance, a twice weekly session at the gym is essential. After exercise, your body is awash with endorphins, the feel-good hormone that puts you on top of the world.

Visiting the gym twice a week will make a difference but three visits a week and a personalised exercise programme will bring results quicker.

4. Walk more

For many of us, however, there is something else that we lack in our busy lives: fresh air.

If you often feel in a low mood, exercise is great for balancing your mind, body and soul.

Walking more will have a great impact on your mood, making you feel better about yourself and your appearance. One of the biggest impacts on how we look is stress and unhappiness.

Walking more, whether this is a leisure stroll on a weekend or a power walk to or from work, will lift your mood – you will notice your thighs toning up to, as well as your calves.

5. Time for a New Hair Cut

And finally, when was the last time you had your hair re-styled? A new style can take years off you, framing your face in a completely different way. Try it and see!

Whether you choose a new outfit, or make a commitment to getting to the gym regularly, you’re sure to feel much better at the end of this year, than you did at the end of the last.