So you’ve created an amazing video. In fact, it’s so great that your family and friends swear it’s going to go viral. Will it, though? If you want to have a viral video that reaches hundreds of thousands of potential customers, you need to do some strategic tweaking. Here are five ways to boost views on your videos:


1. Use Relevant Keywords


If you make a video about something that’s a popular topic, you’re going to get some views. You will even get views in the pool of never ending YouTube videos. If you add some good keywords and a magnetic implementation of those keywords, you will draw people to your video.


You should place your keywords inside of your video’s title, but you should also place them in other areas throughout the video like in your captions, tags and annotations. Spend a little extra to get some video captioning services done. Conduct a little bit of research to find the most popular words and use them all in a number of smart combinations.


2. Ask for Shares


One of the easiest ways to boost views on your videos is to politely ask your viewers to share it. Many video makers don’t do this, and they miss out on a lot of views that way. People will share videos if they find something worth sharing, and you ask them to share it. Your views could skyrocket form a simple gesture that you can put anywhere in the video. If you feel that putting it in the video is too overbearing, you can put it in the description.

3. Make the Video for People not Engines


One thing that people sometimes forget when they’re doing writing or video making is that they need to appeal to human beings. SEO is a wonderful thing that you will not get very far without incorporating. However, you still have to provide a high-quality video that does these five things:


  • Attracts
  • Engages
  • Entertains
  • Teaches
  • Implants


Your goal should be to make a video that that is so useful, personable and thought-provoking that it stays in the viewers’ heads for some time after they see it.


4. Use an Awesome Editor


No matter who your video watchers are, they will all appreciate a professional looking production. You’ll need to find yourself an awesome editor that can help you to polish it and give it that “business-like but not too uptight sort of look.” You can use a comparison tool to find the right editing program. You may be able to get some free usage out of one during an initial trial period.


5. Do some Subtle Implantation


Finally, you may need to learn the art of subtle implantation. While getting views on your video is going to require a few marketing efforts on your part, you don’t ever want to overdo it. You can find some subtle ways to get your links in so that the people who receive them have a choice as to whether they want to click the links or not. One idea is to add your link as a signature in your email. That way, everyone who corresponds with you by email is a potential watcher. You can increase your views like that. It’s subtle enough. It’s not spammy, and it actually may cause some sharing to occur.


Those are just a few ways that you can get some meaningful hits to your video. Try these first, and if they work for you, you can move on to try a different technique.