You’ll often hear real estate agents talking about the ‘curb appeal’ of a property. This refers to the first impression and aesthetic quality of the front of your home. The best-looking houses on the street have good ‘curb appeal’. It’s one of the best places to invest your money when you’re looking to improve the value of your property. The reasons for this is that potential buyers make a split second decision about whether to buy as soon as they see the house. They do this almost immediately, based on their first impressions. If that gut feeling isn’t there, you’ll never convince someone to buy. So, how exactly do you improve this crucial aspect?


1. New fascias and paneling

One of the first things to tackle is the fascias, or the walls themselves. Over time, weathering causes the paintwork or paneling to fade and deteriorate. It’s your job to improve this and keep it looking perfect. You can do this quickly with a simple coat of paint. However, we advise going a step further. Get a new rendering or plastering job on the entire fascia, for example. You could also use Centria panels to create a decorative finish. They’re durable and good looking.

2. Repair paths and driveways

If you’re introducing potential buyers to your home, you’ve got to show the very best side of it. That means fixing those cracked paths and driveways. As buyers approach the property, they’ll be analysing and judging every aspect of it, and the paths are the first thing they see. Replace old, worn concrete with brand new paving slabs. Use new tarmac to cover the old driveway, and give everything a clean, contemporary look. If the slabs aren’t cracked, you could just use a pressure washer to clean them, and pull up any weeks.

3. Clean the windows

It’s such a simple task that makes a big impact. Imagine your potential buyers arrive on a sunny day. The sun will gleam off your windows and make them sparkle. This little attention to detail will show buyers that you take care of the home. It will give the entire property a feeling of care and cleanliness. Clean both the insides and out, and don’t forget about the windowsills.


4. Paint the door and replace features

The door is the centrepiece of your property. It automatically draws the buyer’s eye, and it’s the first thing they’ll notice. Start by painting it to cover up any peeling paint or old scuffs. Make sure it stands out from the properties around you. It’s also worth replacing the old features and fittings with brand new alternatives. A brass knocker, letterbox, and number will give it a stylish finish.

5. Tidy up the lawn and flower beds

Finally, if you’re lucky enough to have a front lawn and some flowers, take care of them. Rid the garden of any weeds, and keep the edges neatly trimmed. Plant seasonal flowers that inject colour and personality to the property.

Follow this advice and you’ll add serious value to your property. You’ll also encourage a quick sale by creating the best-looking house on the street!