Clients expect accountants to demonstrate a high degree of precision and have top-notch organizational skills. However, there is more to being a better accountant than these two characters. Professional accountants are often keen on details and have extensive practical knowledge. In fact, even a slight mistake in the accounting field can have a significant impact on a client’s venture. Indeed, accountants use accounting knowledge as a basis for the business decision and for measuring the financial performance of an enterprise. As such, clients expect a high degree of precision and exceptional organization skills from their professional accountants. Below are five ways to become a highly skilled accountant.

Build Your Commercial Knowledge

You could be spending a big chunk of time on your daily workload. However, one can avoid this by putting on the blinkers and focusing on what matters. Nonetheless, it’s crucial for accountants to understand how economic drivers affect their accounts receivable and payable. Professional accountants should understand the economic drivers affecting the business world and their impact on client’s businesses. For one to become a better accountant, it’s crucial to know how recent employment law will impact the accounting field. Building financial knowledge enables accountants to add more value to the clients who look up to them for advice. If accountants don’t keep pace with trends in their field, they will be left behind. Consequently, this might be a blow for an accountant who wishes to advance their career.

Master the Art of Time Management and Organization

There is no doubt being a chartered accountant involves plenty of responsibilities and assignments with deadlines. In fact, an accountant will need to help subordinates manage their workloads as he or she moves up to top positions. As such, it is imperative for a professional accountant to be well-organized and skilled at time management. Accountants are responsible for planning the workflow of the entire organization, monitoring productivity, and creating budgets. The ability to manage an array of of tasks is crucial to the success of a chartered accountant.

Understand Technology

Professional accountants can’t succeed without technology in today’s digital era. Tech-savvy accountants are at an advantage over their peers because they can suggest smarter solutions for financial problems plaguing the industry. Understanding technology isn’t about the systems and software that accountants are currently using. Technology is the future, and many business functions such as data sharing, cloud computing, accounting systems, and e-commerce are ingrained into it. More and more organizations are setting up IT departments that are responsible for assessing risks involving technology deployment. As such, it’s crucial for accountants to hone their technology skills to gain a competitive edge in today’s digital marketplace.

Communication Skills

Excellent communication skills are a hallmark for successful accounting professionals. Accountants can enhance their networking skills by joining a rotary club. Similarly, joining Toastmasters can help accountants improve their public speaking skills. Top-notch communication skills are valuable when an accountant is communicating with clients or delivering presentations. Accountants will also need to build up a network of customers as they progress through the ranks. Accountants should ensure this network has grown to become a source of referrals by the time they move up to higher ranks. However, accountants can only achieve this by learning to develop a rapport with their audiences.

Learn to Comply

With so many specializations available, chartered accountants can quickly lose sight of the role of compliance. For chartered accountants to develop critical skills, they need to learn to comply. In fact, compliance is a vital proving ground for all chartered accountants. Moreover, compliance assignments enable accountants to appreciate financial, tax, and legislative reporting guidelines that are critical to their success. Newly qualified chartered accountants need to be self-driven and look for ways to keep evolving. Accountants can take advantage of plenty of online resources available to enhance their skills.

Being a successful accountant really is not that difficult once you acquire the right skills and know what is most important to your bosses. Once you understand what skills are important to have and have gained the proper knowledge of accounting terms and practices, you can easily excel as an accountant.