Is your business running slow? Are you finding it difficult to monitor the performance of your staff? Is managing your finances turning out to be a mammoth task? Are your customers continually complaining about your company’s poor customer service? Is managing sales becoming impossible?

If so, you are not alone!

Many business owners are facing these common problems.

And these are only a few issues.

Perhaps, your business has not adopted the right software. Or you are not leveraging the benefits of useful software at all If that’s the case, you should consider finding and adopting software to achieve your business goals.

Here are five crucial ways business owners can benefit from the right software solutions:

The critical aspects of customer satisfaction and driving sales in business are process excellence and workflow automation. To have happy customers, you should focus on process excellence. And automating your business processes is a great way to start.

Business automation technology replaces manual effort and executes recurring processes in your business. It reduces costs, increases efficiency, and streamlines operations.

An excellent example of business automation software is Kissflow.

It offers a no-code digital workplace where you can quickly build an automated process and a project board to manage cash flows.

It also offers features for users to collaborate on work in one intelligent and integrated platform. Kissflow helps you optimize your time, track and monitor processes, fix errors quickly, and make your business process more transparent. It is also suitable for remote workers.

If you are in the cosmetic business, cosmetics manufacturing software like Cosmetri can be used to streamline your business. It can help in managing R&D, formulation, testing, compliance, and manufacturing workflows. It also brings your products to the market faster and reduces costs.

To remain relevant in a competitive market, your business needs a fast and real-time integration with business intelligence software.

BI software is fast growing. Its market is projected to reach $29.48 billion by 2022.

There is easy-to-use business intelligence software out there that you can implement to overcome any challenges that you may face at any stage of your project and provide a smooth delivery.

BI tools can enable fast and accurate reporting, analyzing, and planning. You will also be able to make better and quicker business decisions, and provide superior customer experience. The data analytics of BI can make decision making five times faster for businesses.

Moreover, you will be getting insights into your customer’s behavior and identifying new revenue opportunities, among other benefits.

BI tools such as SAS Business Intelligence software is excellent for visual data exploration. It allows you to discover new patterns, create rich visuals, and get insights quickly using automated analysis, thus enabling you to remain relevant in the industry.

Managing your finances efficiently is crucial to business success. And if your business is large, it can get complicated for even those who are adept in handling finance. You will have to send regular invoices, get the receipts, manage cash flows, track inventory, and so on.

Business accounting software helps here. Software like Xero is excellent for sending custom invoices, reconciling bank transactions to balance the books, viewing cash flows, capturing receipts for easy record keeping, and tracking inventory.

Moreover, this tool is a great option for collaboration, as it allows unlimited users. And you can access it from any device as long as you have an internet connection.

This software also helps you to track your spending and stay on top of bills due, thus improving relationships with your sellers that deliver business materials.

4. Provide better customer service

Your customers care about your product price and quality, but they will choose a brand that offers better customer service. It is estimated that 90% of Americans use customer service to decide whether or not to purchase a product or service from a company.

Also, 73% of customers remain loyal to a brand because of friendly customer service representatives.

Software like Zendesk is designed to improve customer service. It makes solving tickets easier, and you can assist your customers via any channel, including text SMS, mobile app, phone, web, email, and social media.

Other tools like HubSpot customer service software offer handy features including ticketing and automation, to keep things organized. There is also a knowledge base and live chat (with bots) to speed up response times.

Moreover, you can use the customer feedback and survey tools to assess how happy your customers are with the services you are providing, and thus keep improving.

5. Improve sales efficiency

The sales environment is becoming more and more internationalized. As a result, it is diving further into the digital space. You will find plenty of tools that are designed to improve sales efficiency.

Software like Sidekick allows you to access valuable information about your email contacts without having to go outside your inbox. You can also see the profile of a company and track your email activity.

Sidekick integrates with the HubSpot CRM. Simply add your contacts into your CRM, and it will do the data entry work for you.

Other tools, such as Rebump, are available for free. You can add this app to your Gmail and send friendly follow-up messages to your recipients. Since its automated emails are customizable, they can be personalized extensively.

What’s more, you can track and analyze the follow-up emails you send and tweak and increase your response rates.

These are just five crucial ways in which your business can benefit from the right software solutions. There are many more ways in which software is helping businesses to scale.

The most common problems faced by businesses include monitoring performance, managing finance, customer support, etc. All these issues can be solved effectively by using the right software.

The type of software your business needs will depend on the issues you are facing. So, figure out the exact problems you want to solve and implement software to see positive results.