Are you ready to redecorate your office? If it’s been too many years since your last renovation, you may be seriously out of the loop. The time to get your business office fashion fully up to date is now. Here are 5 of the hottest new upcoming trends for a truly stunning modern office design.

1. Make a Dashing Combo of the Old and New

One of the best things you can do to showcase your office decor skills is to make a visually appealing combination of elements both old and new. With the onset of COVID, the open-floor-plan model that has been the standard for well over a decade is now coming under scrutiny by safety consultant services which argue that open-floor-plans make it impossible for employees to socially distance themselves from others. Many of the office designs are those that able to retain the original look and feel of the office while adding many exciting new visual twists.

For example, if your office was built in the 1960s, it may still have much of the feel of that decade. You can honor this design by retaining the original floor plan and some of the decor while also adding a few new “modern tech” elements of your own. The breezy combo of old and new is bound to catch eyes and draw praise.

2. Fully Automated Smart Conference Rooms 

Perhaps the hottest and most desirable new trend for office design in 2020 is the fully automated conference room. A conference room of this type will be the talk of the industry.

The smarter this room is, the more of a positive impression it is bound to leave on clients and visitors alike. Even your employees are bound to feel impressed every time they step into it.

3. Furniture Arrangement

Another important element of office design, 2020 style, is to make sure that all of your modern office furniture is arranged comfortably and logically. This may involve a bit of prior strategizing on your part. It will be a careful combination of visual appeal and practical placement.

The most important factor here will be to make sure that your employees and customers have enough space to move around in. At the same time, you want to be certain that employees and visitors also have plenty of convenient points to rest in. In a word, you need to be sure that the nexus of comfort and convenience is fully realized.

There are plenty of sources on the web that you can consult in order to ensure that this fruitful combination ensues. By rearranging your office furniture in the correct manner, you will not only accommodate all parties but also make an eye-catching fashion statement. This is the kind of first impression that results in profits.

4. Color Blocking

Want to give your office visitors a refreshing eyeful? Make use of the technique of color blocking. This is the art of combining colors that are normally far apart on the color wheel. The combination of green and purple or black and mauve may give your office the unique look you have always been searching for.

5. You Don’t Always Have to Decorate Your Office Like an Office

Suppose you aren’t even a fan of standard office decor? What if you hate the very concept of walking into an office that looks and feels like a standard business environment, no matter how jumped up? There is no rule that says your office has to follow the decor plan of every other office.

If you want to pretend you are walking into Grand Central Station or a 1930s hotel lobby instead of your boring office, do something about it. You can have your office look like a Las Vegas betting station or the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. Feel free to let your inner decor preference come to light (but don’t spend too much!).

The Time to Bring Your Office Fashion Up to Date is Now

Is your office feeling stuffy, clunky, and otherwise not up to snuff? The opportunity to make some much-needed changes is at hand. You don’t have to empty out your wallet to do so. These sweet new office design trends will soon have your workspace looking and feeling like a cool million bucks. The time to adopt them is now.