If you are living in or around Melbourne, you probably don’t want to miss out on its beautiful, unique weather. In fact, our privileged climate adds on to our love of the great outdoors, and more homeowners are giving top priority to the outdoor living areas across Australia.

So, if you are finally moving to a new house or have managed the desired time and money to renovate your home, overhaul your backyards entirely and enjoy the spectacular results.

Read on to find some of the unique ideas to use your outdoor space and customize it to suit your requirement.

5 Unique Outdoor Custom Living Additions to Your Home

1. Outdoor entertainers

Approximately 50 percent of Australian homeowners use their outdoor space for entertainment. 

It is the extension of the living room and becomes the favorite spot for you and your guests. 

Set some of the comfortable sofas with a couple of portable tools and side tables. And from day one, these sofas will turn out to be the coziest area in the house and the tables can be used to keep your food and drinks. You can also install a TV and entertainment system and make it a family gathering zone.

To make it usable during the autumns also, include portable heaters which can be either wall-mounted styles or electric, overhead-heating strips. While the wall mounts give a traditional look, the electric, overheating pieces are more contemporary. 

The area should be well-lit so that everyone can move around comfortably. 

2. Utilize the lawn

Because of heavy maintenance, people are doing away with the lawn. Most build an outdoor structure such as a courtyard, deck, pergolas, or gazebo. You can add a barbeque area to it and make it the perfect hangout zone. You can also take suggestion form the custom builders Melbourne who come with years of experience.

To lit, the area, use floor lightings as this creates a soothing ambiance. Do not make the space too clumsy with too many pieces of furniture. Let it be a mildly lit open space with a few chairs surrounding a table or two.

Surround the structures with some neatly trimmed garden beds and some lovely flowers, and it will be the only place your guests will want to stick around in their next visit.

3. Carports for multiple uses

Carports Melbourne can be used as a perfect living space cum patio cum a play area without compromising on the original purpose – parking.

Hang one or two swings there or install a trampoline and let the kids enjoy while you can watch on them from your kitchen. It’s a perfect place to be used for your kids birthday parties you can park the car outside, and it will be one big play area for your kids.  

Give a classy and appealing look to the entrance of carport with aluminum and frosted glass garage door. 

4. Outdoor Kitchens

A kitchen has always been an integral part of our home, and in recent times it is also being used as space where the family spends time together. So, why not shift it to the outdoors and make it a heartthrob of your backyard living space.  And not just for special gatherings, you can use the patio grilling areas as a fully functioning outdoor kitchen for regular use.

These kitchens not only stand out aesthetically but they have a lot of other benefits like they save your utility bills,  provides you with more space, keeps your house free of strong odors, saves space in your house, and it can also be a great place for gatherings.

Depending on the open space available, you can either convert it into a grand kitchen with barbeque and mini bar, or you into a compact space with movable table tops, gas oven, and other necessities.

5. Dress up your deck

Convert your deck into a destination by specifying different activity zones within the given space. You can carve out multiple levels into areas for dining and relaxing on this deck. 

A pavilion covered with lavish vines with a richness of small plants in pots include the surrounding garden and gives the deck a more extensive look and feel. And the entire structure sync in with space perfectly.