Alternative healing is moving into the mainstream as more people are isolated and trying to focus on wellness on their own. One of the big benefits of many ancient forms of alternative healing is that it’s portable. Once you can quiet your mind, you can feel the benefits of these therapies in your body and enjoy long-term benefits.

Qi Gong
Qi Gong healing is related to the flow of Qi or energy. The earliest indications of Qi Gong come to us from the Ma Huang Tui Tombs and paired movement with breath for focus and energy flow. Like many ancient traditions, Qi Gong has enjoyed a resurgence since the cultural revolution of 1945.

A quality Qi Gong session can be done in person or as a long distance energy healing. Both the practitioner can benefit from setting a time for connection and simply remaining open to the energy flow. Distance and in-person energy healing can help both people and pets.

Sweat Lodge
The addition of heat to your body has been used for centuries and by various cultures. From the saunas of northern Europe to the smoky sweat lodges of the Native Americans, extreme heat has long been shown to offer both mental and physical benefits.

During a sweat lodge session, you can:

  • enjoy a spiritual refreshment and connect with ancient energies
  • promote cell health by flushing away toxins
  • find a higher intensity of meditation

It’s important to remember that, while a sauna or a steam room may be a social space, sweat lodge attendance is a sacred event. If your religious beliefs don’t offer space for other beliefs, stick with the sauna. Do make sure to hydrate before and after your sauna.

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM pairs acupuncture with many herbs and supplements to balance your energies. Your practitioner will check out your skin, your tongue, and your health history. TCM offers benefits for those dealing with chronic illness, struggling to lose weight, or enjoy more consistent energy.

If you plan to undergo acupuncture, make sure you allow for plenty of time. The needles don’t hurt, but they may need to stay in your skin for about 30 minutes. Wear garments you can easily remove or adjust so your treatment can be as comfortable as possible.

Ayurveda” is the Sanskrit word for “science of life” and pairs meditation, supplementation, and cleansing as a way to better understand your body and support it most effectively. The tradition comes to us from India and is growing in popularity in the United States.

Your Ayurvedic therapy may include:

regular appointments for observation
a nutritional evaluation
meditation training
dietary and supplement plan
If you have heard of slow travel, think of Ayurveda and many other ancient healing methods as slow health treatments. When western medicine may require you to make quick decisions, undergo surgery, and heal up as quickly as possible so you can go home, ancient therapies require more observation and assessments to make sure the healing therapies are allowing you to progress over time.

The power of wellness visualization has been around since humans took the time to daydream. Modern medicine has found that visualization can be extremely helpful for those recovering from surgeries. If you have undergone a shoulder repair surgery and are struggling with the discomfort of physical therapy, adding a visualization practice to your recovery can give you a sense of control and increase your pleasure in the idea of being all healed up.

Visualization, meditation, and guided imagery are also extremely helpful for anyone undergoing treatment for cancer and for chronic pain. If you’re struggling with nausea from chemo, the ability to visualize yourself lying on a chair beside a calm body of water can lessen your nausea and any vertigo from nausea. Chronic back pain sufferers may be able to take comfort from visualizing lying on their tummies with the sun warming sore muscles.

Ancient alternative healing procedures offer clients control. Knowing that a distance healer is focused on your pain can help you to focus, relax, and rest. Visualizing your repaired knee or shoulder moving freely can make therapy easier. A good sweat and plenty of fresh water can shed a lot of poisons.

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