When it comes to travel, there are some special considerations if you are a military member. Lots of times, military folks don’t have their own transportation readily available. Also, schedules are apt to change very quickly, so many of the typical ways of planning trips tend to be more difficult.

But, if you’re determined to go somewhere, or to get somewhere, there are always tricks to the trade. If you find yourself in a pinch as a military member, consider the following five options that exist in order for you to make your travel ends meet with your intentions.

By Airplane

Air travel is one of the hardest things to accomplish as a military member. Because you need to work around deployment schedules, duty schedules, and training schedules, you won’t always know how far in advance to book flights. There is a positive in that certain companies work to help military members book flights more easily, so that they can make it to where they’re going on time, without having to worry unnecessarily about the time and money difficulties that often present themselves with singular, individual efforts to coordinate.

By Bus

Often, when it comes to transportation options like cross-country buses, military members will get reduced fees. For the most part, transportation businesses understand the difficulty of travel for military members who are stuck for time and money, in additional to the fact that it’s a good way for companies to show their support for both active duty members and veterans. And to that effect, if you are active duty or a veteran, always make sure you check the fine print to see if you can get those discounts.

Renting a Car

Military members are often put in a different group of client when it comes to renting a car as well. There are typically financially discounts, and some car companies even have more benefits than that for active duty and vets. Another interesting thing about car rental companies is that they tend to hire military members more than other sectors of professional managers.

Traveling With a Group

One way of travel that is often overlooked by military members in their haste to make it to their next location is the idea of group travel. Sometimes all you have to do is ask a buddy if you can hitch a ride with him somewhere, and you’re good to go!

Using Public Transit

Finally, depending on how far you need to go, using public transit isn’t necessarily a bad idea. Some public transit, you can ride for free while in uniform, and other times, you can get discounts for having some type of military ID on you.

As a member of the military forces, it is your privilege to receive proper travel rights. It’s also a chance for you to explore the world and unwind from the stress of war and turmoil.