The bedroom is one part of the house in which we can completely relax in our own personal space. Keeping it healthy and clean is quite important to have a good night’s sleep. This makes sure that we do not end up feeling tired or lethargic and will contribute to a more positive attitude towards the rest of the day. So let us look at some pointers to keep in mind to make our bedrooms healthier.

  1. Keeping it de-cluttered

A messy room is bound to make you feel irritated and annoyed with the clutter that is lying around. It can further make the space feel filled up and more congested, resulting in slightly claustrophobic feelings which can further disturb a proper sleep. This makes it important to clean up the room and keep it filled as minimally as possible with only necessary things. More space can provide better air circulation and thus a good ambience.

  1. Washing bedding regularly

Our beds can easily become the storehouse of dust, mites and bed insects which would find comfortable spots to hide within. The warm temperature is just right for them to breed and lay their eggs. This makes it important for us to dump the bed spreads, bed sheets and pillow covers right into the laundry basket once in a week for the best results. Moreover, our pillows which are the closest means of contact with our nose and mouth, will have to be made of non-allergen causing materials and provide good comfort when slept upon. Keeping it clean is the best way to dive into refreshing surroundings to sleep into.

  1. Perfect lighting

Lighting is another fact which determines the ambience of the bedroom. It is important to keep it well ventilated and allow good lighting during the day, to remove any signs of mustiness and also to keep the room fresh. On the other hand, during the night it is important to provide complete darkness. Light can disturb with the production of the sleep hormone, melatonin and thus, indirectly affect our sleep cycle. We need to design the room so as to provide the different amounts of lighting for a healthier sleep routine and also avoid artificial lighting from our devices right before sleeping.

  1. Good aroma

Considering that the bedroom is where we spend most of our time in, it requires that the room be inviting with respect to the smell that it houses. This can be influenced by many factors like the room fresheners, cleaning products and even the type of furniture within the room. If the smell is not comfortable enough for you, it may make you feel slightly annoyed whenever in the room. Thus we need to light up some aromatic candles which provide comforting and aesthetic aroma and maybe place some good smelling flowers in one corner of the room.

  1. Inviting colors

Another primary aspect for a relaxing texture to be present within our bedrooms is the color that is on the walls. Different colors induce different moods. So it is better to go for splashes of green for calmness, orange for warmth and tons of blue as it is found to be sleep inducing and relaxing. Yellow and green in moderation can also be used in certain shades. Darker colors like black and red are usually avoided as they can increase the energy level in the room rather than slowly reduce it.

For providing a really healthy environment for inducing sleep as well as for providing the perfect ambience to de-stress at the end of the day, the above mentioned methods can work wonders. Just introduce some small changes to witness the better quality of shut-eye that you experience and the better mornings that you wake up to.