5 Tips to Help Your New Roof Replacement Last

When owning a home, it’s easy to overlook the importance of your roof. However, this external feature shelters your property and loved ones from various potentially dangerous elements.

Even though most external coverings are built from strong, lasting materials, occasionally age and deterioration necessitates replacement. Because a roof replacement is such a large investment, you want your new roof to last as long as possible. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to extend your newly installed roof’s lifespan.

Keep the Gutters Clear

A home’s gutters play a big role in your roof’s health as well as the health of the rest of your home. While they can come in a variety of styles and as either plastic or metal, gutters all fulfill the same function: they help to safely direct rainwater from your roof to the ground and away from your home’s foundation. 

Gutters cluttered with dirt, leaves, and other debris often results in water backing up. When the gutters are clogged, the water can pool on the roof and spill over onto the ground near your home’s foundation. Over time, this issue could precipitate serious damage to not only the roof but the home’s interior and structural integrity.

Because of that, gutter cleaning should be performed at least twice per year. That said, this job is challenging and potentially dangerous. Therefore, it is recommended that you leave the completion of this task to trained, experienced professionals who have the right equipment.

Remove Environmental Debris

Many homes are situated in residential areas and surrounded by trees. Though picturesque, trees often shed leaves and branches, sometimes unexpectedly. Falling tree limbs can damage your roof. Additionally, they can cause lingering deterioration if not quickly removed. Even smaller sticks and twigs can invite damage if they’re left to rot on your roof. Therefore, you should have your roof promptly cleared following major wind storms.

Ensure Attics Are Properly Ventilated

Poorly ventilated attics typically become very humid. This moist air could gradually damage roofing components resulting in expensive repairs. If your attic is not equipped with several vents and a large fan, you should contact a professional to help you improve your attic’s ventilation.

Properly Secure Attic Openings

Attic vents, fans, and any other openings should be fitted with protective screens. These safeguards protect animals from nesting in and around the roof. Rodents and insects carry the potential for expensive issues like necessary extermination and repairs for the pest-inflicted damage.

Be Vigilant

Above all, you must remain vigilant at all times. Vigilance means looking out for even the slightest anomalies, such as cracks, crevices, sagging, unevenness, damaged or missing shingles, separating or damaged gutters, obvious signs of water accumulation, and the emergence of algae, weeds, or other forms of vegetation on your roof.

A roofing replacement is a big project, and you need it to last for as long as possible. This will help protect your home, your family, and all your belongings. When you get a new roof, your contractor will likely give you a list of maintenance you should do to keep your roof in good shape. Make sure you schedule any recommended maintenance and keep the above suggestions in mind as well.

A new roof is one of the most important home investments you will ever make. Most roofs can last at least a couple decades. That said, your roof could last significantly longer if you make a commitment to performing specific and important maintenance duties.

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