When the entree that you ordered at your favorite restaurant arrived at the table, the plate presented can pass for a work of art. When you taste the first forkful, the palette of flavor sensations is sublime. Enjoying such fare does not have to be limited to dining out. A few simple tips will enable you to cook like a master chef at home in your kitchen.

Buy the Best

When shopping for ingredients, seek out only the highest quality available. Such provisions are usually found in gourmet specialty food shops, although some grocery stores have expanded their inventory to include many of these items as well. When it comes to perishables, choose the freshest ingredients. Avoid vegetables, meat and fish that have been frozen or canned.

Preparation Pays Off

When embarking on a culinary project, read the recipe beforehand and prepare all ingredients. Measure out all dry goods, chop all vegetables, measure the required amount of liquids and have the protein source ready for the pot or roasting dish. Arrange all of these ingredients in the order in which they will be called for when carrying out the recipe. In the culinary world, this is known as ‘mis en place,’ which translates to ‘put in place.’ This practice ensures a swift and efficient cooking process.

Love Your Knife

While chefs enlist the assistance of a food processor or stand mixer on occasion, the one tool of their trade that they rely on the most is their cutlery. Invest in a high quality utility or chef’s knife and keep the blade sharp. A sharpened knife means cutting with ease and precision. A dull blade means a struggle to cut through harder vegetables, resulting in sliced fingers in the process. This knife should become the first thing that you reach for whenever you begin food preparation; it will be used regularly for all of your chopping, mincing, dicing and slicing needs.

Take Stock

While perishables should be purchased as fresh as possible, keep non-perishable ingredients well stocked. By keeping your pantry’s inventory complete with all of the basic ingredients, you will be empowered to throw together a complete meal on a moment’s notice, requiring little more in the way of last minute shopping than a quick run through the express lane of your supermarket.

Finishing Touch

For that five star restaurant appeal, remember presentation. Place the finished dish on the plate in an eye-pleasing arrangement and add a finishing touch of garnish, such as a sprinkle of fresh herbs or lemon zest. This final detail will add visual interest and an additional dash of fresh flavor.

By practicing these tips, even the simplest entrée can exude the appearance and flavor of a dish prepared by a master chef. Diners at your table will insist that it must have taken hours of kitchen slavery to prepare. No one needs to know your secrets; all they will know is that you cook like a master chef in your home kitchen.

Kelly is one of the leading Chefs in Sydney, Australia. She provides these tips for aspiring chefs or for people who just want to prepare quality food at home. For more information on Kelly’s restaurant, visit the website www.deckhousewoolwich.com.au.