Although overhead power lines are quiet, they are lethal. Any accidental contact with live overhead power lines power-poles can inflict brutal injuries including death. The main function of overhead power lines is to transfer electrical energy over long distances. It’s essentially a point of connection between your home and the network. It can be effortlessly identified because it contains one or more conductors suspended by towers or poles. It’s regarded as a cheap method of transporting power in huge quantities. Always stay away from overhead lines, as they are lethal because even going close to a live overhead line can kill. Never assume it to be your ordinary telephone cables and get help whenever required. Dealing with overhead power lines is extremely dangerous, so it’s vital to call accredited level 2 service provider.

Here are some vital tips for choosing an appropriate level 2 electrician:


Find out if the electrical contractor or electrician you are going to hire has a good reputation. The most common way to assess an electrical company is through word of mouth – you can ask your colleague or friend who might have used similar service. In addition, you can read reviews or testimonials online. Alternatively, you can ask your contractor for recommendations.

Licensed & Insured

Before you hire electricians from companies or independent electricians, make sure to check their license and insurance because these things can shield you from pointless costs in case things go wrong. The ASP level 2 electrician must ensure that all their electricians have appropriate training to carry out safe electrical works. There are two types of electrician license viz. full electrician’s license and journeyman’s license. When you want to call an electrician for overhead power lines, it makes sense to select full electrician license because they are fully qualified, skilled and experienced. It is good for you to remain aware of the point of connection that connects the network to your home.

Get a quote

First, you should know that obtaining a quote estimate is free. It is recommended that you should contact level 2 electrician Sydney and get the quote for your particular electrical project. Also, find out if they would add any extra charges or costs. This is especially important, as it will let you know how much it is going to cost you to complete the electrical task.

Check Timeframe

Along with quote estimation, you also need to know how much time will be required by the electricians to start and end the work. Reputed level 2 electrical contractors can deal with the level two electrical problems right away and most of the established electrical service providers’ offer 24/7 electrical emergency services when you need it. On the contrary, an electrician with lesser experience may need you to wait for sometime before rendering the electrical service.


Experienced and skilled electricians offer high-quality work and they will provide a warranty on their work because they know that the work is methodical and complete. Moreover, reliable electricians will go out of their way and offer you the best service.