Whether you want to paint a new or replacement roof you just need to upgrade the old on with a paint job, the colors you choose will impact the character of your home and its curb appeal. There are many factors to weigh when choosing a roof color, from roofing material choice and home style to climate and roof size among others. This article provides some helpful tips to inform your color choices.

  1. Go classic instead of trendy

In the realm of interior design, roofs are considered fixed elements, because they are not as easy to alter once installed. Therefore, choosing classic, timeless colors and designs often work better even when you decide to change other aspects like the exterior wall colors and landscaping.

Trends are great while they’re on, but once the fad dies out you may find yourself very limited by your choices. Unless you have a specific home style that would favor overt coloring, avoid bright colors on the roof. Ensure that you have other elements complementing bright colors on the roof, or else it will stick out like a sore thumb.

  1. When to choose dark versus light neutrals

If your home doesn’t have a specific style, choose a dark neutral color which will blend well into the surroundings of the house, and not overpower other design elements like landscaping and wall color. However, avoid black or charcoal roofs in expansively roofed houses, as it tends to overpower the rest of the house. Roof-heavy homes are better with lighter neutrals like gray or light brown. This also applies to roofs that are steeply pitched so that much of the roof is visible from the ground at a close distance. In addition, black roofs aren’t ideal in hot climates due to the heat retention factor.


  1. Consider the wall style and durability

Stone and brick houses will seldom change color as the house grows older, making your roofing color choice even more important. If your walls will change color over time, the roof color may not complement the place over time. Instead, solid neutrals that easily work with a range of shades are advised.

Custom colors are most ideal for brick/stone/brick-stone combination homes. Most often, they will depend a black or brown roof. Be careful to ensure the roof relates to the siding, brown roofs are a popular choice for stone/brick home owners. Darker browns are favored for a more stately finish, while lighter browns are desirable if you want a warm feel to the roof.

  1. Asphalt roofs should be darker

Many homeowners that choose asphalt roofs popularly prefer to paint them in black. Brown asphalt is a gamble because the roof tends to look patchy over time. A good guideline is to ensure your asphalt roof is darker than the rest of the house. This makes the house appear classic and grounded.

However, in cases where you have darker colors on the body of the house, a lighter color is called for on the roof. Solid colored asphalt is ideal for patterned homes like stone or brick. Avoid multi-colored asphalt in these cases as it will make your home appear busy. For best results, consult with a contractor from a well established roofing company. They have a lot of experience in home styles vis-à-vis roofing color choices.