You might not realize it right now, but the energy you put out into the world attracts certain types of energy in return. Think about the last time you felt extremely angry. What kinds of responses did you get from other people? Were they positive or negative? While anger is certainly a legitimate response to many situations, it can put a huge damper on our energy. All of our emotions impact our energy, and they do so on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important for you to develop techniques for energy healing. The following are five easy ways to get started on your energy healing journey.

Start from the Inside

Start working on energy healing with healing your body. Most of us don’t realize how damaging our diets and lifestyle habits can be to our bodies. The more toxins you have built up in your gut, the less energized you will feel. Free radicals invade our bodies and damage our cells, leading to increased gut permeability, chronic fatigue, and depression. By eliminating harmful foods (especially unhealthy carbs) and incorporating immune and brain-boosting foods, you can start to regain control over your energy.

Ground Yourself

If you are feeling disconnected from yourself and the world around you, try finding a soft, warm place outdoors where you can stand in your bare feet. This technique is called grounding and allows you to reconnect with the Earth. Doing this for half an hour can help release negative energy and reestablish your sense of inner peace. Many people incorporate grounding into their yoga routines since it provides both physical and spiritual stability while doing yoga.

Restore Your Aura

Your aura is a representation of the energy you’re giving off. When you’re feeling off-kilter, your aura will seem foggy due to the lack of energy. There are many ways that you can restore your aura, but one of the ways that many people prefer is to use crystals. Quartz is particularly potent as an aura cleanser. You can choose to wear a piece of jewelry with your selected crystal, especially as a pendant since this keeps it close to your heart. You can also lie on your back and place the crystal in the center of your forehead, willing it to draw the negative energy from your body.

Pump Out the Pain

A big part of energy healing training is paying close attention to where you are experiencing pain. Whether you are experiencing a migraine, joint pain in your knee, or a dull ache in the sole of your foot, you can use your hands as a pump to flush out the pain. This can be done by taking your dominant hand and placing it the area where you’re experiencing the pain or a back-up of energy. Envision your hand pulling this negative energy out and sending it through your other hand into the earth. Do this until you feel the energy flow ease up.

Build Your Shield and Use It

We live in a chaotic world full of different energies. Crafting and using your energy shield is crucial for getting by. You can do this by sitting quietly and focusing on surrounding yourself with a wall of mirrors that face outward. Choose the energies that you want to allow in (such as love) and make the shield impenetrable to all else. Take note of how this feels and, if needed, envision an extra wall of pink quartz surrounding and protecting you.

Remember, not all of these methods are going to work for you. It’s okay to experiment with different techniques and important to keep an open mind. If these tips seem to help, you might further benefit from seeking out a trained energy healer in your area.