The reality is that at some point you’re going to need money to upkeep your home and car throughout the years. These big ticket items are expensive to purchase and can also be costly to maintain if you’re not careful about how you’re spending your money.

The following tips will help you to live within your means and also take care of these important items while on a budget. You’ll thank yourself down the road for being careful in this area when you have more money in your pocket, in your savings account and for other expenses and purchases you want to make.a

Set Aside Money Ahead of Time

Your first step is to actually designate and build a budget for maintaining your home and car. It’s important to set aside money ahead of time and anticipate that there will be required fixes in the future. Also, use credit wisely and try to avoid racking up a lot of credit card debt in this area to help you keep your finances in order.

Shop Around & Educate Yourself

Another tip for home and car maintenance on a budget is to shop around and educate yourself on what it is you need to purchase before doing so. Look at all your options and make price assessments before you come to a conclusion. For example, it could be that you’re trying to decide which furniture to buy for the house or what type of auto glass you should use to replace a broken windshield on your car. Sit down and take the time to compare here what you options are before proceeding and come to a decision about how to best move forward.

Look to DIY

There may be the possibility to DIY and fix what’s broken or needs updating with your home or car on your own. Even if you’re not the handiest person around, there are plenty of resources, tools, and videos out on the internet to help you along as you teach yourself. Doing minor repairs yourself will allow you to not have to invest so much of your own money into your home and car. This would also help in saving significant amount of time in taking bet care for the vehicle.

Conserve Energy

You can also focus on conserving energy around your home to help you maintain your space on a budget. For instance, purchase energy-efficient light bulbs and appliances for around your house. In addition, turn off the lights when you’re not using them and keep your thermostat at a reasonable level throughout the year. Using renewable sources of energy would be also useful in conserving significant amount of energy.

Always Perform Routine Checks & Address Necessary Fixes

Keep an eye out around your home for what needs fixing and repair it right away. Letting what’s broken go for too long may cause you more issues down the road. Also, your car requires routine maintenance, so it’s important to take it into the body shop once in a while and perform oil changes, tire rotations and get an overall evaluation. Doing this will also bring any major issues to your attention so you can plan accordingly and make sure you have the money ready to cover the cost.