Many lovers think that saying ‘I Love you’ through a love message is not as romantic as compared to saying it directly on someone’s face. Some even think it is a bit boring. Well, whatever reason you have to ignore love messages, but you can’t deny the fact that they have become a popular way of communication these days. Moreover, they are effective in case of people who hesitate in expressing their feelings in person. Such people prefer conveying their emotions through love messages.

Now if you are thinking to send a romantic love message to your lover, let us give you some tips. No doubt that a cute, funny or flirty message will be viewed as romantic, but you need something special to brighten up his/her day. Take help of our tips and create a perfect romantic love message for your darling.

  • First, make sure your text is clear. Many people often send their message in short form in order to save space. Remember – you should use shorten acronyms only if you are sure that your partner understands those abbreviations. Otherwise, he/she will end up in spending hours just to understand a single piece of text.
  • There are men who are not at all romantic and don’t feel grateful for receiving a love message simply because they don’t realize why their partner wants to say. If your man belongs to this category, it will be better to just remind him of those romantic moments you both have spent together. He will certainly recall that time and smile!
  • Be concise while choosing words for your love message. Make sure not to use generalizations while composing the text. Being concise and accurate in what one wants to say is a lot more rewarding that concealing one’s thoughts in fancy words. For example – if you want to appreciate your girl for her beauty, focus on creating your message about her by making it more exact. If you need some help, have a look in our Best Love SMS section.
  • Be grateful and devise a love message that shows how thankful you are to have your partner beside you. Appreciating your honey this way will surely bring you closer to him/her.
  • This tip is especially for men because women love to laugh! Be a little funny while sending a love message. Create messages that are witty in nature to tickle your girl’s funny bone.
  • Be a little flirty with your text. People, especially girls love it when their guys flirt with them. So, make sure you create a love message that is flirty in subtle ways.
  • Sometimes, words are not enough to describe what you feel for someone. A love message containing special symbols is romantic enough to convey what’s in your heart. So, use symbols like ‘XOXO’, ‘<3’, ‘;)’, and so on in your text message.

Use these tips to create great romantic messages for your special someone. Do refer to our Best Love SMSs before you start.