You might think that you need years of experience to become an excellent public speaker. But the truth is that we’re all public speakers to some degree. Every day we speak with others and communicate our ideas. And it’s thanks to this fact that we already know most of the basics of good communication.

When it comes to delivering a killer presentation there a few basics, you need to keep in mind.

Test The Props

Nothing is worse than technology failing you just as you’re about to deliver the most important line of a speech. That’s why it’s a good idea to test out all the equipment before you get started. Try the mic out, test the speakers. Check all wooden lecterns are the right height and in the right place.

If you’re using a projection system, do a trial run before you start to identify any problems. There’s usually something in the chain, from the clicker to the computer software, which will go wrong.

Don’t Force Yourself To Use PowerPoint

When it comes to delivering an excellent presentation, you don’t always have to use PowerPoint. In fact, in some applications, PowerPoint might be a disadvantage. If you’re holding a more intimate presentation or seminar, it might deter involvement. Stick with a discussion and group interaction.

Keep Your Audience In Mind

All too often speakers are concerned with their own ability to speak. They’re not all that interested in the needs of their audiences. Clearly, this is not ideal. Great speakers will spend a bit of time getting to know their audience and finding out what it is that they want. Good speakers will then adapt to fulfill the needs of the audience.
Generating motivation among the audience is key. If you aren’t engaging with your audience, you’ll struggle to motivate them. And if you can’t motivate them, then your message will be quickly lost.

Know Why Your Content Is Valuable

A lot of the advice out there on how to give a great presentation focuses on the quality of delivery. And while this is important, it’s not central to the quality of your presentation. What is more important is what it is that is valuable about your content. Why do people need this information and how will it help them?

Once you know what the exact benefits of your content are for your customers, you’ll automatically become more confident. Great content isn’t dependent on whether you’re having a bad day or not. Great content is just great content – full stop.
Focus On Positive Preparation

Many people struggle with the negatives of giving a presentation. They worry about all the things that could go wrong. But this type of mentality is setting you up for a fail on an unconscious level.

A better approach is to see each new presentation as an opportunity. Here is your chance to show what you know and share valuable content with others.

Young Woman Meditating on the Floor

Remember, it’s almost always the case that the audience wants you to succeed. Nobody wants to see you struggling to get your message out, especially if what you have to say is valuable.