In medical terminology, a ligament is defined as a tough band tissue that wraps tightly around a joint. It basically connects one bone to another at the intersection of two bones and is flexible in nature, which is the precise reason why you can walk, run, twist, and do all sorts of regular activities that you need to do. A ligament has the ability to stretch but only up to a certain limit. If that particular threshold is crossed then that area becomes inflamed or damaged; you therefore end up with a sprain that can take almost 6 weeks to completely heal.

Though sprains are counted among the simpler of the injuries, if you do not take care of it during the first 6 weeks then you are most likely to develop problems in near future. A sprain can occur anytime and anywhere. Interestingly in some cases the patient might not the seriousness of the situation. We present here a few tips about how to take care of a sprain and why they should not be ignored at any cost.

Ice the affected sight immediately

As soon as you get a sprain, internal bleeding is anticipated and all fluids get accumulated at one particular sight. In such a situation, one must apply cold towels or ice to reduce the pain and internal bleeding. The reason the area should be tended to with ice is because swelling can be reversed when it is underway. Wrap ice cubes in towel or in a ziplock plastic bag and tenderly place it on the area. Apply the cold where it is exactly needed, even if it hurts a little.    

Have rest even if you feel fine

Even if you feel fine after being medically diagnosed with a sprain, do not over exert the pressure. Exertion on injured body parts can only aggravate the situation. If your ankles and wrists are wrapped up with crepe bandages, wait till your consulting physician gives you clearance.  If it’s a minor sprain, it is recommended to take full rest for 3-4 days before starting out with your daily work. It is always advised to start off gently.       

Effectively wrap the sight

The reason why doctors use bandages at the affected sight is because they prevent fluid from getting accumulated in that place that actually causes pain and swelling. Wrapping the damaged sight will certainly restrict movement but that’s necessary for healing. It is suggested that you buy gel and crepe bandages from online platforms like Smart Medical Buyer so that you can choose from a variety of bandages depending on the compression required.

Use Gel packs with great caution

Gel packs work wonderfully in case of sprains. They act as a cooling agent and reduce swelling substantially when rightly applied. Gel packs might be colder than ice hence when applying on skin, so make sure that it isn’t hurting the patient. Put a cloth on the affected area and then apply the gel.  

Elevate the affected area form normal level

By elevating the affected area, lymphatic drainage is controlled swelling is minimised. So if you have got a sprain in your ankle, keep two or three pillows under it while sleeping and if you have sprained for arm then lift it above the chest level.   

Pick your medicines carefully

Doctors often recommend non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) in case of sprain injuries. These are used to prohibit the production of inflammatory chemicals in the body that cause swelling. One should prefer to take acetaminophen that brings relief from pain, and aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen (that reduces swelling) during this time. Naproxen works really well as it immediately shows results.       

Using an Air-cast is a wise choice

Air-cast is an effective way of reducing swelling in the most natural way. All you have to do is pump air into it and put it in the affected area. This also brings substantial relief from the pain. Also known as ‘Tube Bandages’, they are luckily also available in drugstores and normal medical stores nowadays. The tubes come in different sizes for different kind of joint sprains. It basically works on the mechanism of providing effective healing by providing evenly on the area.     

Tending and taking care of sprains is no rocket science but the above mentioned tips have to be followed for quick recovery. Choosing and using the right equipment also go a long way in assuring Choose Smart Medical buyer for getting all the right equipment for sprain healing. Counted amongst the best medical retails in India, they offer at par quality bp monitors, stethoscopes, sugar-testing machines, and all the important medical equipments.