Women often spend a lot of time thinking about what to give to others. If you usually just wrap up a box of chocolates or show up with a birthday bouquet, consider something different. These five thoughtful gifts will surprise and delight your wife.


Massage Certificate

The daily stress of caring for a home, tending to children or pets or working outside of the home can lead to tense and sore muscles. A gift certificate for a massage may be just what your wife needs in order to reduce tension and muscle stiffness. Massage has been shown to provide many health benefits, including a reduction in headaches and joint pain, less anxiety and depression and an improvement in sleep and digestion. There are many styles of massage, including Swedish, sports, trigger point and deep tissue. Some common areas in need of massage on women include the shoulders, feet and hands.


Hobby Classes and Supplies

Many women spend so much time with household and work activities that they lose track of their hobbies. If your wife does not get enough time to herself to enjoy her favorite activities, this would be a thoughtful gift. Provide her with a pass to classes for painting, ceramics or yoga. Needle arts, such as knitting and crocheting, have surged in popularity in recent years. Women who learn and practice hobbies such as knitting experience many benefits, including a reduction in fear, stress and anxiety. Include some great supplies, such as a set of Chiaogoo interchangeable knitting needles and a hank of soft merino wool and cashmere blend yarn for a knitter or a new yoga mat and some yoga socks for the yogi.


Comfortable Chair

By the time a woman finally gets the chance to sit down at the end of a busy day, that grungy old couch or hard wooden rocking chair might not seem so comfortable. A new, comfortable chair or plush ottoman might be just what she needs after a long, tiring day on her feet. Look for chairs and other seating options that provide support to the spine. While it is a great idea to surprise your wife with a beautiful piece of furniture, consider shopping for it with her. Each person’s idea of what is comfortable is different, and what feels good on your back might not be what she prefers.


Maid for a Month

If your wife is tired of cleaning up after everyone, gift her with a maid for a month. Pay for a cleaning service to come in once per week and clean out the refrigerator, oven, kitchen sink, toilets and floors. Another option is to have a cleaning service do a one-time, deep cleaning. Send your wife out to enjoy herself at a coffee shop or to get her hair done while the cleaning crew comes into your home and works their magic. She may like this gift so much that the cleaning service could become a permanent addition to your household maintenance routines.


Beauty Products

Many women enjoy using top-quality products on their hair, skin and nails. Consider putting together a beauty package for your wife. Some excellent products to include are nail polish, a pumice stone and a bath loofah. You could also include a bottle of her favorite perfume, massage oil or essential oils for adding to her bath. Be sure to include some Lipsense lipstick and a tray of her favorite eyeshadow or blush. If she has long hair, consider the addition of a lovely clip, a pack of stretchy headbands or pair of barrettes. For the woman who enjoys trying new products, include a new cosmetics bag to hold all of her goodies.
These five gift ideas allow you to tailor the gift to your wife’s preferences. You can also put your own special touch on the gift, such as beautiful wrapping. She will remember your thoughtfulness for a long time.