Renovating your home means taking the right precautionary steps beforehand. A renovation is done to make upgrades on a home that is already doing well. First, check to make sure that your home is functioning properly or if you need to make several repairs and replacements. If you don’t know where to start, here are 5 things to check before beginning a remodeling project.


Renovating your home may involve installing appliances into the wall. Here is where damages occur and remain hidden for years. Check the condition of your walls for leaks that lead to bigger problems with the pipes or roof. Even if you think that such a check is not essential, it might be. A simple remodel, like repainting the wall, may have to be preceded by a costly plumbing repair. You’ll especially want to keep track of how weight is distributed in your home.

Electrical System

Check the system that controls your electricity before installing new appliances. Signs of electrical problems include cracked wires, flickering lights or non functioning outlets. Without proper maintenance, your new lights or appliances will work at half of their efficiency levels.


Check the pipes before planning to install a new sink, shower or toilet. Most pipes have years of buildup that have reduced efficiency by half. You need drain cleaning to remove clogs and ingrained deposits. Clear the drain yourself or hire a professional who uses snaking or hydro jetting techniques. In the end, notice significant improvements in the waterflow. This is essential before you install fixtures that you, your family members and guests use dozens of times each day. An inspection can also help you find places where you can improve your plumbing system during a renovation.


You need a sound foundation if you plan to install or upgrade a ground-level deck. It’s good to check the home’s foundation for damages that could affect the walls, floors or ceilings. You cannot decorate walls or make ceiling installations when you see gaps or mold that cannot be fixed. Fortunately, there are many way to repair potential foundation problems.

HVAC System

Review the condition of your heating, cooling and ventilation system if you plan to upgrade HVAC devices. The new trend is to install a smart thermostat that saves energy and provides easy access in any location. This device works more efficiently when the central HVAC system is working optimally. Hire a professional to replace clogged filters, check for blown fuses, clean condensers and perform other maintenance tasks. Such fixes will not only help you stay warm or cool, but also save you money over the long term.

Renovating your home is recommended to all owners of aging homes. However, it’s not fully efficient if the house itself is deteriorating and not strong enough to sustain renovations. Before starting any remodel, perform a thorough evaluation of your plumbing, electrical and structural systems to keep things in good working order. Once you have you’ll have prevented future problems and helped create a better plan for your future remodel. Whether you encounter problems or not, checking is an essential preventative measure.